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AC3 Iron Tomahawk
An iron tomahawk

The tomahawk was a type of one-handed axe, which was most effective when wielded in close combat. It was commonly used by Native Americans, as well as European colonists. It is still in use today, primarily by special operations groups, or by any outdoorsman, as it is both a useful tool and weapon.

The tomahawk could be used for stealth kills, melee combat, or to perform menial tasks; such as cutting a rope or traversing ziplines, in a similar manner to the Hookblade.

The Assassin Tomahawk was a uniquely designed weapon – with an axe-head closely resembling the Assassin insignia – that originally belonged to John de la Tour, the first Assassin to reside in the New World. Years later, during the American Revolutionary War, the Kanien'kehá:ka Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton, otherwise known as Connor, used various tomahawks in combat. He particularly favored the Assassin Tomahawk, which had been passed down through the generations, and would often dual-wield the weapon alongside his Hidden Blade.


  • Other short weapons share the same combat animations as tomahawks.



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