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  • So besides AC Wiki, I also contribute to several other wikis and a few weeks ago I was involved in an incident in another wiki. Allow me to explain: this wiki (which will remain nameless) is very poorly-managed. I mean I'm talking unsourced material and false info presented as fact. So me, being a researcher in nature, was a little bothered by this. Especially since I am very passionate about the wiki's topic. I had been following it for over five years. I took the initiative to do a little revamping, fixing stuff up here and there, correcting mistakes and whatnot. Less than a day later everything I did was reverted and the admin claimed that I was the one with false info. Even though I provided extensive evidence to prove otherwise. So being the reasonable person that I am, I ceased all my contributions to that wiki. I don't need that kind of stress in my life. Then a day later they banned me for being a "troll". AFTER I already told them I was leaving. And get this, they only banned me from my TALK PAGE. As in I can no longer post to my own talk page but the rest of the wiki is open for me to pretty much do whatever I want. I honestly don't understand what goes through these people's heads. Which is why I really appreciate being a member of this wiki. Over here, things are a lot more professional. Information is not false and is properly sourced. And the admin here actually know what they're doing. It's refreshing. Thank you Assassin's Creed Wiki.

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    • So, what was the name of the Wiki that you were contributing too? I know you mentioned it would remain nameless, but does it really matter whether that Wiki is public knowledge or not? 

      As for your story, unfortunately, human beings can be stupid and at times reckless in their thinking. Humans also have something called pride or excessive favoritism towards oneself. Ultimately, what this contributes to is a lack of humility and overall rationality since the admin of that Wiki is likely already biased towards his or her own methodology.   

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    • I hear you.  A lot of wiki's (even on Wikia) are like that unfortunately.  They're run by emotional, immature people with no lives who just want to post their head-canon into a wiki and present it as fact, and it's the price you pay when you leave wiki making to rank amateurs who have the most free time on their hands.

      Gld to see that you're having a better time here.  I won't name some other wikis, but I've heard and experienced some pretty bad things over the internet.  It seems like an issue all over the internet honestly.  The people you want posting and contributing are too busy doing fulfilling things in real life or busy at their jobs doing actual paid work that they do well.

      So the people who are left who have all the time on the internet to post and be on social media constantly tend to be the no-lifers who either act trollish, or are actual trolls.

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