• Hello everybody, I'm back with a long standing but fairly traditional idea that's been repeated over the years about where fans want the Assassin's Creed series to hopefully visit some day. I've seen videos on YouTube discussing about the possibility of Assassin's Creed using the Feudal Japan as a time period for the sequal to AC Origins, and I thought I may as well do some light research to see what the internet rumour poll had to say about this. I found an article that was written quite sincerely in its attempt to shine light on what a, and here I quote directly the article's title, "What A Japanense Assassin's Creed Could Look Like"

    I'll of course let the article do most of the talking for me, but to summarize, a full game set in 19th century Japan, so definitely not Feudal Japan. 

    Anyway, here is the article .

    To conclude, this article is from Kotaku, and Kotaku has been successful in the past where rumour had become fact. It was right about Black Flag, Unity, Origins, et al. The article includes some concept art which I think look very promising. So, I hope this topic can generate some discussion and get some ideas across on if this article could be onto something. 

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    • I would personally love an Assassin's Creed game set in Japan. Sure, ninjas/samurai have a big presence already in games, but that doesn't mean that Ubisoft can't take the concept and make it into something original. I get why Ubi think it would be boring, but to be honest it's not like they haven't used well known eras in the past (eg American Revolution, French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Ancient Egypt etc) so from my perspective the whole 'boring' and 'over-used' argument is rather flawed, and it appears to be the only argument against a Japanese installment that I've can find.

      To be honest, the amount of detail and exploration that Ubisoft add into the games, I don't think there are many titles that would compare to a Japanese Asssasin's Creed. Whilst Assassin in general may well be comparable to ninjas, I'm sure there's a fair amount of differences between the two in order to keep the main character new and fresh, such as new weapons (caltrops, kusari, sai, kunai, shuriken, kakute, claws etc). Perhaps a male ninja who can disguise and fight like a samurai, or a female ninja who can disguise as a geisha, or we could have an official templar turned assassin in the form of a samurai turned ninja. Not to mention, the supernatural speculation of ninjas could be tied in a piece of eden.

      The way I see it,  when Ubisoft say that they don't want a Japense installment in the franchise they're basically saying that they don't want to make a Ninja vs Samurai game because there's lots out there already. Then why not focus on a different aspect of Japense history? The hunt/persecution of Christians, the rise/fall of ninja, Japan during recent conflicts perhaps? Ninjas/Samurai don't have to be the main focus of the game (however my personal request is that they have some significant involvement in the game).

      The pictures from that article look great, I can definitely picture a Japanese assassin now. Seeing as Ubi released an Egyptian installment after saying that they weren't going to, they don't really have any reason not to visit Japan in my opinion.

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    • I think what Ubisoft means about not doing a Feudal Japan setting, is that Feudal Japan is used a lot in video games... Ninja Gaidan for instance, or Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, it's not only a popular time period but is also used extensively in video games. Whereas Ancient Egypt is not something that has been done before in a video game franchise. 

      They will have to explore Ninjas and Samuaris though, perhaps with the Templar turned Assassin, they could introduce the concept of ronin, a samurai without a master. 

      Apparently, Ubisoft also released a survey asking gamers which time period they will like to see next, which means they've already began brainstorming the next game in the franchise. Among the listed time periods was a Japanese setting, so this means they have put that time period into consideration. 

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    • While I think a Japanese game would be cool, and I'd definitely be fine with it as it is a fresh change of pace from the typical settings just like Egypt was, I personally hope the next game is Medieval England or France, maybe a Vikings game. Though as OP said, there is a survey which states Medieval, Vikings and Japan, so they are all possible settings in theory.

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