• One thing I noticed firsthand is that they said Christopher Columbus had buried the Apple with him.


    Connor had dropped the Apple into the bottom of the ocean with a weight during the DLC (DLC was canon) hoping it wouldn't be found until Desmond found it. This means that the entire plot is off by a wide margin because Abstergo had already taken hold of the Apple during 2012 after Desmond's death.

    Secondly I saw that they said the Apple was the genetic code for free will


    The Apple was stated to be able to control the mind and create lifelike illusions, we saw this in action during the AC3 DLC as it created an alternate reality. It was created to control the minds of humans with perfection.

    However the thing is, the movie was acting like the Assassins would be affected by this despite their MANY TIMES STATED RESISTANCE TO ITS MIND MANIPULATION

    Either this isn't canon, Hollywood can't do make a good VG Movie, or the Apple somehow just made an alternate reality

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    • May I recommend that you dig a little more deep regarding the SEVERAL Apple of Eden that exist? From their timeline we can only conclude that the Connor's Apple and Aguilar's Apple are two different ones. It was never confirmed the amount of Apples out there, as far I'm aware.

      And if I'm not mistaken, it's not being an Assassin that doesn't allow Mind Manipulation, it's the amount of Isu DNA in you.

      A read in the article Apples of Eden should give you some pointers.

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    • If you dig in the forums, we already held extensive discussions regarding lore inconsistencies with the film here and here. However, the Apple of Eden having been dropped by Connor into the sea was not one of the ones we brought up because it doesn't contradict any lore. The Apple of Eden 3 held by Connor was actually passed down through many generations of U.S. Presidents (though that in itself is a bit odd since George Washington decided to refuse it in the end so one of his successors must've taken it back up).

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    • for the love of if you are going to write a complaint about a movie do your homework

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