• I know it's during the period when Cleopatra was struggling against her brother-cousin-husband for control of the throne which she actually loses until Ceasar arrives in Egypt. Apollodorus; what's his story? We seem to be working with him but he also facilitated the meeting between Cleopatra and Ceasar. What are the other big events that happened in the Hellenic/Roman world that might show up in the game?

    PS. I know they've mentioned horses, camels, and chariots but what are the chances we also get to ride a war elephant at least once?

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    • The only thing I know of the period besides Cleo is the "Wars of the Diadochi" or the wars Alexander's succesors made to protect the vast of his empire after he died. Of course that begun 300 years before Cleo but the consequences was still there.

      Oh and after Cleo's death Egypt became some kind of roman providence if I'm not wrong.

      I don't know more. :(

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    • Watch the HBO series Rome.

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    • As some of you may know, Egypt eventually lost almost the entirety of its culture, so much that nowadays ancient Egypt is in some respects like an entirely different civilization from modern Egypt. The country went through millennia of foreign conquest, changing hands between empires, and it lost much of its cultural identity. This series of foreign occupation began with the Persians (or possibly Assyrians, or even the Nubians depending on perspective), but after studying the decline of ancient Egyptian culture more deeply, I learned that it was still largely intact under Greek rule. After all, the Ptolemaic dynasty called themselves pharaohs. The destruction of Egyptian culture did not truly begin until the Roman Empire converted to Christianity under Constantine the Great. From here, there began active repression of the old polytheistic religion and mass forced conversions to Christianity. It was a gradual process though. The Hellenistic period lay the ground for this transition centuries later.

      I think the way Ubisoft is approaching this is that you are playing the period where ancient Egypt as we know it was at an end due to foreign encroachment. This is when the culture began shifting. However, it was a gradual decline, and in Bayek's time, ancient Egyptian culture was still strong. Hence, Ubisoft said that they wanted the Hellenistic city of Alexandria to be a foil to the Egyptian city of Memphis. Both serve to illustrate this conflict and contrast between cultures.

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    • I understand that about the general society and culture. I guess I could have worded my original post better. I mean in games like III or Unity the protagonist, like Forrest Gump, were present at many actual historic events like the Boston Tea Party or the Storming of the Bastille, just to name a few. Do we know any discreet events like those that Bayek may be present for or will the game be more like Syndicate with fewer references to actual events?

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    • Depends how long the game spans, if it's more than just 49 BC then we could see Caesar and Cleopatra's first meeting and romance. We will probably witness the Civil war between Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy. We could see Ptomely reaching asking Caesar for aid in the civil war only to find out that Caesar is offended that Ptolemy killed a fellow Roman senator: Pompey.

      We could possibly see the death of Cleopatra & Mark Anthony and Egypt as a political power a long with them.

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    • I assume it will span more than a year due to the over arching set up a Brotherhood plot but exactly how many years is a good question.

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