Thomas Owers (unknown – October 1888) was a British citizen and the husband of Olwyn Owers.

In 1887, Thomas Owers acquired Owers Manor, after its previous owner had died from a mysterious fall of the residences roof. From then on, he and his wife hosted regular parties for London's Cannibal Club - a gathering of men whose views on sex were considered deviant by Victorian society.

In the autumn of 1888, Owers Manor was infiltrated by the Assassin Evie Frye. Having learned that Olwyn Owers worked as lieutenant for Jack the Ripper, she intended to assassinate her to diminish his influence over Whitechapel. In order to reach Lady Owers, who was in the private part of the manor, Evie kidnapped Thomas, using him to get past the guards and distract Olwyn Owers to give her a window to strike.

Following Evie's assassination, and her unnoticed escape from the grounds, Jack the Ripper arrived at Owers Manor, killing Thomas, his guards, and all the visitors present in a massacre that left no survivors and caught the attention of Inspector Frederick Abberline, the Metropolitan Police Service, and the press.