Arno: "I know the company your wife keeps. I think you're in over your head."
Thomas: "Please, I beg you! You don't know what she's capable of!"
―Thomas warning Arno of the former's wife, 1792.[src]

Thomas Lévesque (né Lobit) was a French nobleman and the husband of the merchant Marie Lévesque.


Thomas was born to the Lobit family, who, by the 1770s, had become newly-ennobled and prosperous. By contrast, the Lévesque family was struggling financially and, to remedy this, married off their daughter, Marie, to Thomas in 1771. However, Marie's father insisted Thomas take his bride's surname, to which the Lobits agreed as they were eager for legitimacy among the nobility.

After the French Revolution broke out, Thomas discovered that Marie was a member of the Templar Order and was engineering famine to stir discontent among the populace to incite violence and anarchy. To keep him from interfering, Marie had Thomas imprisoned in the Luxembourg Palace, where she was hoarding grain and hosted a party. When the Assassin Arno Dorian infiltrated the palace to kill Marie, he freed Thomas, who warned him of Marie's cruelty.