The Whole Truth was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Following her assassination of Baptiste, Aveline returned to Agaté to explain what had happened.


Aveline reunited with Agaté at his hideout.

  • Aveline: Agaté, I have done as you asked. The imposter is dead. He was working with de Ferrer.
  • Agaté: What else have you learned?
  • Aveline: Only... that he would have forced you out of hiding.
  • Agaté: Let us be thankful it did not come to that--if it had, our Brotherhood... Well, let us not dwell. You have destroyed the hornet's nest in the bayou. At least for now... De Ferrer will have his day.


Aveline informed Agaté about Baptiste's demise, but kept some details to herself.