The Terror of London was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Charles Dickens learned that Spring-Heeled Jack had returned and alerted one of the Frye twins.


  • Dickens: Thank goodness you're here! Impossible as it may sound, Spring Heeled Jack has returned! We need to do something before the unthinkable happens!
  • Jacob: I thought we'd already dealt with this nonsense.
  • Evie: He did say that we had not seen the last of the Spring-heeled villain...
  • Dickens: There may be more to this than we originally thought.

They witnessed a criminal attacking a civilian. The Assassin immediately took action.

  • Victim: Get away from me you monster!
  • Jacob: You there! Stop what you're doing.
  • Evie: Stop!

However, Spring-Heeled Jack threw a smoke bomb and ran away, with the Assassin chasing him across the rooftops. However, every time the Assassin fought him, the former would seemingly vanish and teleport.

  • Jack: You'll have to do better than that! No weapon forged by man can harm me! You can't hurt me!
  • Jacob: What? How? Where?
  • Evie: Vanished! Impossible!
  • Jack: Spring Heeled Jack will never die!

The Assassin returned to Dickens and were joined by their sibling.

  • Dickens: Thanks to you, the Ghost Club's reputation has grown tremendously! We are a beacon of reason in a world beguiled by superstition.
  • Evie: But I believe we have encountered one genuine spirit.
  • Dickens: Can you be certain? That's the question. One might surmise that the spirits that haunt us are simply our deepest fears, manifested as apparitions.
  • Jacob: Shame. I've always wanted to see a ghost. Or a goblin!
  • Dickens: I propose a toast! To the Ghost Club, and the virtuous twins that have aided it: Miss Evie and Mr. Jacob!
  • All: Cheers!


The Ghost Club failed to uncover the mystery behind the mysterious Spring-Heeled Jack. Nevertheless, Dickens thanked the Frye twins for their help in making the Ghost Club's reputation grow.