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The Slaver
The Slaver China Main
Technical information

Now within Yu Dayong's fortress, Shao Jun must scale up and around the heavily guarded stronghold in search of her next target.


Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China

Memory type


Full sync

  • Free Yu Dayong's personal slaves.

The Port



Historical information

Shao Jun


Macau, Empire of the Great Ming



The Slaver was a virtual representation of one of Shao Jun's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Having navigated the ports, Shao Jun reached Yu Dayong's fortress.


  • Jun: I am the blade in the shadows. My prey is Yu Dayong. I shall walk in the darkness and strike swiftly. No one will stop me in my hunt.

Shao Jun approached the fortress, moving around the outskirts and overhearing several guards talking.

  • Guard 1: There should be a new delivery of fresh slaves tomorrow.
  • Guard 2: Coming in on the boats?
  • Guard 1: Yeah, away from anyone looking too hard.
  • Guard 3: Seen anything?
  • Guard 4: Nothing. You?
  • Guard 3: No. Nothing at all.

While traversing the fortress outskirts, Shao Jun found a captured slave.

  • Jun: There are innocents condemned to slavery throughout the fortress. I should try and free as many as I can.

Eliminating the guards, Shao Jun freed the slave.

  • Slave 1: I thought surely that I would die, thank you.

Shao Jun continued through the fortress, overhearing more guards talking.

  • Guard 5: Keep a watch over the slaves, we don't want any trouble from them.
  • Guard 6: Especially with the Assassin returning.
  • Guard 5: Those are just rumors...

Shao Jun found another slave being held hostage.

  • Slave 2: Please help!

Shao Jun saved the slave.

  • Slave 2: Thank you, savior.

Shao Jun continued up the fortress, listening in on more patrols.

  • Guard 7: Yu Dayong has doubled all patrols. You know what's going on?
  • Guard 8: I heard the Assassins are back.
  • Guard 7: Yeah, I heard the rumors too but I can't believe it. We wiped them all out.

Shao Jun found another trapped slave.

  • Slave 3: Help! Somebody!

Shao Jun liberated the slave.

  • Slave 3: I thought surely that I would die, thank you.

Shao Jun proceeded up and around the fortress, eavesdropping on more guards.

  • Guard 9: I heard Qiu Ju is here at the fortress, checking in on Yu Dayong's progress.
  • Guard 10: We have more slaves than we can sell at the moment. I'm sure he'll be pleased.
  • Guard 9: I think he is actually here about the Assassins.
  • Guard 10: Don't believe the rumors.

Shao Jun eventually located Yu Dayong and struck him down.

  • Jun: This belongs to me.
  • Dayong: Zhang Yong will come for the box. He will avenge our deaths.
  • Jun: I am counting on it...


Shao Jun killed Yu Dayong and recovered the Precursor box.



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