Eraicon-Altair's Chronicles

The Running Wind was a virtual representation of one of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's genetic memories, relived by through the Animus.


Having stopped the poison plot in Acre, Altaïr traveled to Jerusalem to find the Chalice.


  • Altaïr: Basilisk said the Chalice is in Don Carvaggio's villa. That woman... it's Adha! She is the Chalice?! The gates! If I want to stop them, I should close the gates before they arrive there.

Sticking to the rooftops, Altaïr followed the escort to the first gate.

  • Sadad: Open up! We're escorting a prisoner to the city gates!

Altaïr continued to tail the group to the next gate.

  • Sadad: Wait here! So, where is that gatekeeper?
  • Templar: Hey! Raise the gate! And do it fast!
  • Gatekeeper: Yes, Sir! But... Who's the woman, Sir?
  • Templar: That's none of your business! Get out of the way, peasant!

Altaïr followed the group a short ways.

  • Adha: Please... wait! I'm tired... I can no longer walk!
  • Sadad: Shut up, woman! You'll do as we say! Keep moving!
  • Adha: But... Please... Let's rest for a while.
  • Sadad: No! We must reach the city gates as soon as possible! So, move!

Altaïr continued to follow from the rooftops, coming across a cache of bombs and some pillars.

  • Altaïr: A bomb should move this column closer!

Altaïr set off the bomb, allowing him to proceed, but also alerting the guards below.

  • Templar: What was that sound?! We must hurry! I have a bad feeling about this! There's an Assassin on our trail! Move, woman!
  • Altaïr: Now they know I'm here! But it's already too late for them!

Altaïr chased the escort to another gate.

  • Sadad: Come on! Open the damn gate!
  • Adha: Please... Help! Help!
  • Sadad: Silence! Keep your eyes on the road and your mouth shut! One more word, woman... and I promise...
  • Templar: You idiot! She's too important! You'll touch her only over my dead body! Do you understand?
  • Sadad: Yes, Sir... I understand...
  • Templar: [adad! Wait here! Stop anyone who tries to pass! Fine! Now move!

Altaïr followed the guards and reached ground level, ending up on the opposite side of the river.

  • Templar: Fight to the death! Protect the woman from the Assassin! You stand no chance against my elite Templars! Send the Assassin to hell!

Altaïr eliminated the guards and assassinated the Templar overseeing the sewer valve.

  • Templar: Qasim! Guard the woman with your life!
  • Qasim: Yes, Sir! The Assassin will not get her!
  • Templar: Why do you want her, Assassin?
  • Altaïr: I'm here to protect her from you!
  • Templar: You'll never get her! She is too important!
  • Altaïr: I know! That's why I'll have to kill you!
  • Templar: The woman comes with us! You'd better give up!

Altaïr activated the lever, opening the sewer gate and killing the two Templars.

  • Qasim: I'm getting out of here! This is not a man, it's the devil himself!
  • Altaïr: Adha! Run through the sewer!
  • Adha: I don't know... How can I trust an Assassin?
  • Altaïr: I'm here to help you! Have faith, Adha! Go! Now! Our time is running out!
  • Adha: Alright... Promise me you won't leave me alone!
  • Altaïr: I promise! Just go through the sewer and we'll meet!


Altaïr saved Adha from the Templars and planned to escape through the sewers.