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The Pupil was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio met a man who claimed to be an Assassin in training. The man challenged Ezio to a race, which Ezio accepted.


Ezio walked past a man.

  • Yerman: Assassin!

Ezio stopped and spoke with the man.

  • Yerman: You have nothing to fear, efendi (friend)! Your identity is safe with me!
  • Ezio: Oh, thank heavens for that.
  • Yerman: Forgive my brash introduction, but I am an Assassin in training myself. I am strong, fast and... quite a hit with the ladies.
  • Ezio: That is a start.
The pupil 1

Yerman challenging Ezio to a race

  • Yerman: How about a race, eh? I will prove to you my skill. Say... to that spot there?
  • Ezio: Well, I could spare a few moments.
  • Yerman: All right, go!

Ezio and the Yerman started their race.

  • Yerman: I told you I was good!
    Here we go!
    Did you see that?

Ezio won the race.

  • Yerman: You are good, old man!
  • Ezio: You have some natural talent yourself.

A woman walked up to them.

The pupil 4

Ezio informing Yerman about his training

  • Ela: Yerman? Who is this?
  • Yerman: Ah! Ela! Come! Meet my new Mentor. I told you I was an Assassin, my love. And to think you ever doubted me.
  • Ela: Merhaba, efendim. (Hello, sir.)
  • Yerman: We were just taking the air, Ela, and... discussing tactics and such, no?
  • Ezio: No. We were discussing when your training would begin. Sunrise, every day, Galata tower. Understood?
  • Yerman: Ah... evet (yes). Of course, Mentor.


Ezio beat Yerman in the race, and accepted him into the ranks of the Assassins.