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The Most Hated Man in London was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob or Evie met with Arthur Conan Doyle and Henry Raymond in the City of London, where they were presented with another murder case.


  • Arthur: Think of that, crushed by a crate! The most hated man in London!
  • Henry: Can you imagine achieving such a title? One day my brilliance will bring me similar recognition!
  • Arthur: Mr. Raymond? What are you talking about?
  • Henry: It's of no consequence. What's important is that this man was hated by many, but who delivered the fatal blow?

Jacob or Evie started their investigation.



  • Chester (Ashton): I know the man. He's hated by everyone! Surprisingly, it's not clear what killed him. I find multiple wounds. No need to send many people to jail for killing such a terrible man. What say you only arrest the single person who actually caused his death.
  • Chester (puncture): He appears to have been stabbed with a perforating weapon, perhaps a spike of some kind. There would be bleeding and it would affect motor control right away, but death wouldn't come for another six minutes.
  • Chester (pallor): I suspect that there is at least one deadly toxin in his system.

Construction siteEdit

  • Eddie (Ashton): The man's a right bastard. I hope he's smoldering in hell.
  • Eddie (crane): I'm not a crane operator. I wouldn't know how to work that.
  • Eddie (crushed arm): My best chum is maimed for life! And Ashton didn't care a fig! He deserved what happened. Beyond that, I'm mum.
  • Frank (Ashton): He owned this site and paid us. We all hated him because he looked for any excuse to cheat us out of our wages. I didn't hate him more or less than my mates.
  • Frank (1:17): That's around the time I'm given a few minutes to eat something. About then I woulda been buying myself an apple at the stand down the street.
  • Frank (crane): It's difficult to work properly. You'd have to know what you're doing to drop it at just the right moment.
  • Frank (Eddie): Eddie? Yeah, I taught him how to work the crane a few days ago.

Apple standEdit

  • Ashton (Ashton): He's my husband. Each day I bring him the household expenses just after he eats his apple. I also brought him his invitation to the knighthood ceremony. The one with the special scepter. Of course, he wasn't going to take me along.
  • Ashton (hair): I often tie up my hair around a knitting needle. What business is it of yours?
  • Ashton (Mary): Very well! I found out about his dalliance with that girl from the pharmacy. It's not the first! Divorce is all but impossible given his influence with the clergy!
  • Apple seller (Ashton): He stopped by here every day at the exact same time. He'd buy an apple and try to cheat me out of tuppence, but then most folks do that.
  • Apple seller (Frank): Yeah, that sounds right. Came by for an apple. He was here when we heard the crate hit the ground.
  • Apple seller (Mary): Girl who works at the pharmacy? Yeah, she slipped me an extra thruppence! She had a special apple, just for Mr. Ashton. I gave him that one when he come by.
  • Apple seller (pallor): Mr. Ashton did look strange, like. Eyes all yellowish. And then he turned pale after he bit into the apple. Almost green, really.


  • Hendricks (Ashton): Ashton stops in front of this pub every afternoon to check on business rumors. Something of a bastard, Ashton. Told me he had a bit of jam on the side, if you know what I mean. Wife didn't know about it. Well, the bit o' jam wants out, but he won't let her. That's the sort of fellow we're speaking of.
  • Hendricks (sabotage): That was Ashton's doing! The man had it in for me. He paid workers to wreck my machines! Cost me a fortune. As long as he was around, I'd never prosper.
  • Hendricks (gun): As a matter of fact, I do carry a revolver at all times. It can be a dangerous neighborhood for a wealthy fellow such as myself. This proves nothing.


  • Reese (Ashton): He's been coming to me for years. He arrives precisely at 1 o'clock and leaves 2 minutes later. He takes a bluish medication every day and prefers that I administer it.
  • Reese (Mary): Mary is a trusted assistant. As far as I know, she's completely above board. Today, she swept the shop and prepared some medications. She also fetched herself an apple from the apple stand.
  • Reese (letter): This really is none of your business. He came to me for his blue medication. I gave him blue medication!
  • Mary (Ashton): I see him here every day. He can be unpleasant, but I don't really know him.
  • Mary (apple): Quite right, I asked the apple seller to give him a special apple. Is that a crime? He was a horrid man, that's all I have to say.



  • Ashton's body - The body has been crushed by the crate, but close inspection reveals other anomalies: a puncture wound to the gut; a bullet wound in the back; and the victim's skin has an odd, green pallor along with yellowing around the eyes. Inspection of the bullet wound indicates that such a wound would cause death in 12 minutes.
  • Crate - Appears to have fallen from overhead crane onto Ashton.
  • Ashton's agenda - Listed daily activities: - Pharmacy 1:00pm - Pub 1:05pm - Apple 1:09pm -Household acct: 1:10pm
  • Tracks - Tracks emerge from pharmacy and continue down the street.
  • Watch - Broken pocket watch inscribed John Ashton. Stopped at 1:17 precisely.

Construction siteEdit

  • Crane - A huge, coal-powered crane. The driving mechanism is complex and requires an expert operator.
  • Handbill - "Please contribute to the benefit fund for the man who had his arm crushed. Any help will be much appreciated."

Apple standEdit

  • Apple - Has a single bite taken out of it. The inside of the apple is oddly pink.


  • Newspaper - Includes an interesting article. "Hendricks Refinery Brought to a Halt! Apparent sabotage has destroyed machinery at Laurence Hendricks' foundry. Rumors circulating imply that industrialist John Ashton is behind the sabotage of his competitor."
  • Revolver - A Webley Boxer revolver. One chamber is empty.


  • Pharmaceutical cabinet - Contains chemicals labeled "Warning! Not to be ingested!" -Chemical 1 is bluish in color and is listed as causing erratic movement after 10 minutes and death after an additional 16 minutes. Causes jaundice about the eyes and has an extreme anesthetic effect. -Chemical 2 is pinkish in color and is listed as causing erratic movement after 2 minutes and death after an additional 9 minutes. Yields a green tint to skin.
  • Letter - Addressed to Thomas Reese, pharmacist. "Tom, my dear brother. I have recently made a most upsetting discovery. The man who forced the foreclosure of the family farm was none other than John Ashton! Your very client! His behaviour in this affair is beyond indecent - both father and mother are reduced to penury. You and I both must contribute all we can, although we each have obligations of our own. At the very least, you must cease to do business with this dreadful man!"
  • Medicine box - Medicine box of Ashton's prescription with a few remaining blue pills. He must have dropped it along the way.


Mrs. Ashton was accused of the murder.

  • Ashton: I'll be the toast of the town!
  • Arthur: A very unpleasant fellow! ... But what was that business about a knighthood ceremony? In any case, Mr. Raymond will have his story for Purlock Publishing.



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