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The Morning After was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


A courtesan told Ezio Auditore that she entertained Bavarian ambassadors last night, and she believed they had poisoned her. She asked Ezio to follow her to the ambassadors.


  • Courtesan: Ezio, I entertained Bavarese (Bavarian) ambassadors last night. They must have...poisoned me. How? We drank from the same cup! I don't remember what happened next. Come. We must find them.

Ezio followed the courtesan to the first man.

  • Courtesan: Him! He was there!
  • Ambassador 1: What are you pointing at, puttana (whore?)

Ezio fought him and knocked him out.

  • Courtesan: Wait...was it him? He looks familiar...but...not matter. Come. I will find another.

Ezio followed the courtesan to the second man.

  • Courtesan: You! You poisoned me!
  • Ambassador 2: What?

Ezio fought the second man and knocked him out too.

  • Courtesan: I remember his name. Gisbert. Or is it George? Follow me.

Ezio followed the courtesan to the third man.

  • Courtesan: Him! Get him!
  • Ambassador 3: What is this?

Ezio fought the third ambassador and two other men and after they were knocked out, talked to the courtesan.

  • Courtesan: Grazie (Thank you) Ezio, I'm sure at least two of them were there last night.
  • Ezio: Buona fortuna (Good luck), and stay out of wine, Madonna (Madame.)


Ezio beat up the ambassadors.