The Maroon Assassin was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Having sold a map with Assassin names and locations to the Templars, Edward set out to warn one of the targets, the Master Assassin Antó.


  • Antó: What do you want, Englishman?
  • Edward: Edward Kenway. I'm here to warn you of danger. And I'm Welsh.
  • Antó: You all look the same to me. Why should I need your warning? My life is all danger.
  • Edward: I may have brought it on you.
  • Antó: This means you owe me. As it happens, I could use a man, to help free some of my friends.
  • Edward: Slaves, you mean?
  • Antó: Brothers, warriors, the hope of the Maroons.
  • Edward: Doesn't sound like my business, mate.
  • Antó: All I need is for you to mingle with your countrymen. Listen to hints for where my friends are held.
  • Edward: Fine. I'll see what I can do.

Edward found guards and eavesdropped on their conversation.

The Maroon Assassin 3

Edward following a pair of guards

  • Guard 1: And then he dismissed me. Without pay! For drunkenness! Alleged drunkenness. All I had to do was escort the man north, no south, no. North. Definitely north.
  • Guard 2: Towards the warehouse.
  • Guard 1: Right, the warehouse. In any case, he's a slave! He's in bilboes. Not like he's going to get away.
  • Guard 2: Let's have another round and we'll think this through.
  • Guard 1: Are you buying? I just lost me job?

Edward eavesdropped on another pair of guards.

  • Guard 3: They're holding the cur nearby.
  • Guard 4: Whatever for?
  • Guard 3: I don't know. To make an example of, or some such.
  • Guard 4: Well what did he do?
  • Guard 3: Does he need to do anything? Sometimes examples just have to be made.
  • Guard 4: Now isn't that just the truth?
  • Guard 3: I wouldn't linger here. The walls have ears, if you know what I mean.
  • Guard 4: Are we followed?
  • Guard 3: We must warn the others!

The guards fled, and Edward chased one of them down and tackled him.

The Maroon Assassin 5

Edward interrogating a guard

  • Edward: You've got the information I need, mate.
  • Guard: No! I've heard of your kind... Ass- Assassin. Don't hurt me.
  • Edward: All I want to know is where this slave is. Do you know of anyone being held... specially like?
  • Guard: Please! Let me live. My wife and children-
  • Edward: Come on then, out with it.
  • Guard: Look near the windmill.
  • Edward: See, was that so hard?


Edward located Antó, and found out where the slaves he wanted to free were being held.