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The Little Prince
Technical information

King Louis XVI's son is rumored to be alive, and in Templar hands. Find and rescue the Prince.


Assassin's Creed: Unity

Memory type

Paris story


Marianne Returns Home


Turtle, Snake, Bear, Paper, Scissors

Historical information

Arno Dorian


Paris, French Republic



The Little Prince was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno caught wind of a royalist rumor claiming King Louis XVI's son was alive.


Arno saw a crowd gathered around a newspaper plastered against the wall.

  • Newspaper: There are rumors that the son of the former King, Louis Capet, lives and is in Paris. Any information is to be brought immediately to a member of the Committee of Public Safety.
  • Man: The Prince is still alive!
  • Woman: I can't believe it!
  • Man: My god, the Prince...

Arno was approached by a fellow Assassin.

  • Assassin: Some people will believe anything, won't they? You shouldn't believe everything you read.
    The Templars are holding the Prince as a bargaining chip, but have lost interest.
  • Arno: Bad news for the Prince.
  • Assassin: The Assassins want what he knows, but the Templars will kill him unless we can get him on a boat out of Paris.
  • Arno: Consider it done.

She led him to the nearby house where the Prince was being held.

  • Guard 1: Time's up for the little prince.
  • Guard 2: Shame.

Arno killed the guards and reached the Prince as he was about to be killed by the head warden.

  • Prince: Please, my uncle is the Count of Provence, he can pay.
  • Warden: He's paying alright, who do you think wants you dead?
  • Prince: But, why?
  • Warden: You'll be king... for a day... and that uncle of yours will take your place.
  • Prince: Please, I've done nothing wrong.
  • Warden: Snort! Then you must be the first innocent royal in history! Never killed a prince before...
  • Prince: Please, don't harm me!
  • Warden: No, I just do as I'm told son.

Arno killed the man and saved the Prince.

  • Arno: Prince Louis-Charles, I presume?
  • Prince: Finally! My Uncle sent you, then?
  • Arno: I serve another Master.
  • Prince: A servant nonetheless... Well? What are you waiting for? Rescue me!
  • Arno: As you say... Let's go, your boat is waiting.
  • Prince: But I get seasick!
  • Arno: Of course...

Arno then escorted the boy out, but encountered another band of radicals along the way.

  • Prince: There's more ahead! Can't you watch where you're going?
  • Arno: Just wait here.

Arno killed the three attackers.

  • Arno: They're waiting for us at the shore.
  • Prince: I hope they have sweets!
  • Arno: You had better be worth it...

Arno and the boy reached the Seine, where the Assassin from before was waiting near a barge.

  • Assassin: Greetings, Arno, but there has been some confusion. This is not the Prince.
  • Arno: You've got to be kidding...
  • Impostor: Wait! But... I was the Prince's groom. I grew up with him!
  • Assassin: What you know is useful nonetheless. You will be safe with us.
  • Arno: Glad I could help.


Arno saved the "Prince", only to discover later that he was in fact an impostor.


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