The Heist was a virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


Shay and the Templars focused on taking down the Assassin-affiliated gangs that plagued New York.


Shay listened in on a conversation between the Colonial Assassins.

  • Achilles: What is our progress on the Precursor matter?
  • Chevalier: We are gathering ships and supplies, but it is difficult without a specific destination.
  • Hope: My men can help. I have enough to spare for a crew as well, Chevalier.
  • Liam: Hope has found a way to... reproduce Master Franklin's experiment. We'll soon uncover the next Precursor site.
  • Achilles: And you are confident you can do this?
  • Hope: I am a keen observer, Mentor. The device will be ready shortly.
  • Achilles: Very good. Keep me apprised.

The Assassins departed.

  • Shay: We've yet to find where Hope is hiding... and most criminals in New York report to her now. I better find the Grand Master...

Shay met with Haytham and Weeks.

  • Shay: Things are worse than we feared. The Assassins found a way to make the Precursor box work. They're already preparing an expedition.
  • Haytham: Then we must stop them.
  • Shay: Hope controls hundreds of men. The authorities are doing sod all.
The Heist 4

Weeks suggesting impersonation of Hope's men

  • Weeks: What if we were to impersonate her men? We could commit a crime so big, they couldn't ignore those damned brigands anymore.
  • Haytham: That sounds like an excellent plan, Jack. Make it so. I will find out where the Assassins are hiding.
  • Shay: Is it just me or did the boss tell us to make trouble?

The pair witnessed two gang members stealing a civilian's money.

  • Weeks: Enjoy it while you can, Shay.

Shay chased after the two gang members.

  • Weeks: Get them, Shay! We'll need their clothes!
  • Gang member 1: I think we're being followed!
  • Gang member 2: You're right! Let's move!
  • Gang member 1: Come on! I'm too young to die! Hurry, you fool! Or we're both dead men!

Shay killed the two gang members and stole their clothes, so he and Weeks could use them as a disguise.

  • Weeks: Don't we make a disgraceful pair of crooks?
  • Shay: No, I make this look good. So what's the target?
  • Weeks: The military pay. We'll have to hurry. A regiment is already on its way to the fort where the coins are kept.
  • Shay: Great... And I suppose you have a plan?
  • Weeks: The fort holds many prisoners... Get in and hoist the gang's colors. When you do, I'll free them.
  • Shay: You're going to free a bunch of criminals working with the Assassins?
  • Weeks: Well, we have to turn the army against them, don't we? Remember: You raise the flag and I'll raise hell!

After cutting down the British flag, Shay robbed the treasury, while Weeks set the prisoners free, causing widespread chaos.

  • Guards: To arms!
    Defend the payroll!
    There's too many of them!
    Don't let them get our pay!
    Fight! Fight!
    Take that!
    Back in your cell, wretch!
    Surrender now, or die!
  • Prisoners: Time to take down this fort, boys!
    Get 'em!
    Take that, lobster!
    The fort is ours!
    We're not going back!

The pair then fled the fort to regroup, following which they witnessed the arrival of reinforcements.

The Heist 10

Weeks and Shay observing the outcome of the heist

  • Captain: What on earth happened here?
  • Guard 1: The prisoners got loose!
  • Guard 2: They had help from outside.
  • Guard 1: There were just too many of them!
  • Captain: Well then, we're going to have to fix that, aren't we? It's about time we took those criminals down.
  • Shay: It worked, Jack!
  • Weeks: With a little luck, the army will crush those damned brigands.
  • Shay: I make my own luck.


Shay and Weeks' heist set the British Army towards combating New York's gangs.