The Hammer preparing to finish off an opponent.

"From a tribe of hammer-wielding savages comes the Ordovician! And he's ready to obliterate all who stand before him!"
―The Cyrene Arena owner describing The Hammer.[src]

The Hammer was a warrior from a "tribe of hammer-wielding savages" who fought in the Gladiator Arena of Cyrene.

In 47 BCE, he was challenged by Bayek of Siwa, who witnessed him crush an opponent who had yielded. The Gladiator was then defeated by the Medjay with a sword.


  • The Hammer comes from the Ordovices, a Celtic tribe in Britain encountered by the Romans. The owner of the Cyrene arena mentions that he, "comes from the Cambrian hills of Britannia."
  • The Hammer is described by the Cyrene Gladiator Arene Owner as having his tongue cut out.