The Great Escapist was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno approached Jean Henri Latude.


  • Latude: Years ago, when I escaped from the Bastille, I left behind the rope-ladder I fashioned from twine and firewood. It's famous now, but the Bastille is guarded because of the looting. Could you, citizen, retrieve my rope and bring it back? It's somewhere in that vast edifice; you'll have to get the location from the quartermaster.

Arno tracked down the quartermaster and stole his prison manifest. With the list in hand, Arno infiltrated the Bastille, recovered the rope-ladder and returned to Latude.

  • Latude: Thank you, my friend! It makes a fine memento.


Arno recovered Latude's famous rope-ladder.



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