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The Escape
ACCI Escape Main
Technical information

With the box and the diamond in hand, Arbaaz must escape the temple as the Templars send all their forces after him.


Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India

Memory type



The Thief Within


The Rescue

Historical information

Arbaaz Mir


Katarasj Temple, Sikh Empire



The Escape was a virtual representation of one of Arbaaz Mir's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Hounded by mortar fire, Arbaaz attempted to escape Katarasj Temple with the Precursor box and Koh-i-Noor in his possession.


  • Guard: Keep firing!
  • Arbaaz: That mortar fire is getting closer. I must keep moving.

During his flight, Arbaaz encountered a guard atop a rampant elephant.

  • Guard: Somebody work out a way to stop it!
  • Arbaaz: Those elephants will bring this place down.

A short while later, Arbaaz encountered another elephant.

  • Guard: Who let that bloody elephant loose?!

Arbaaz found himself faced with two charging elephants, narrowly dodging them.

  • Guard: Watch out!
  • Arbaaz: That was close...

Eventually, Arbaaz reached a courtyard, where a large group of soldiers, as well as Alexander Burnes awaited him.

  • Burnes: Hold your fire! I am impressed, Arbaaz. It's a shame that we find ourselves on such different sides.
  • Arbaaz: Thank you. How about not killing me, then?
  • Burnes: How about this? I will give you a chance to live. If you can beat me, one on one, you walk away. What say you to that?
  • Arbaaz: No tricks? A fair fight?
  • Burnes: No tricks. You win, you leave. I win, you die.

After a lengthy fight, Arbaaz managed to defeat Burnes.

  • Burnes: It will be an honorable death at your hands, Assassin...
  • Arbaaz: No. You will have to live knowing an Assassin beat you. The men who stand here now will know you were defeated.
  • Burnes: Stand down, men! He has earned the right to live.
  • Arbaaz: If I see you again, Burnes...
  • Burnes: You won't. There is nothing left to see.


Arbaaz escaped from the Templars at Katasraj Temple, sparing Alexander Burnes' life.



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