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The Decapitated Warden
Technical information

Solve the grisly mystery of the decapitated corpse.


Assassin's Creed: Unity

Memory type

Murder Mystery


The Hand of Science


The Death of Philibert Aspairt

Historical information

Arno Dorian


Paris, France

The Decapitated Warden was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.



  • Dissolving corpse - The body of an unidentified man dissolving in a tub of acid. The head has been chopped off cleanly and there is a stab wound to the chest. It is unusual, as the puncture bears the mark of an "x". On his finger sits an ornate gold ring. The address of the maker is etched on the inner shank: 84 Rue l'Arbalete.
  • Short sword - A custom-crafted short sword. Likely the murder weapon. The quillion has been forged into an "x", explaining the strange puncture wound left on the body. There is a maker's mark with the address of a blacksmith: 74 Rue de l'Arbalete.
  • Statement of Mathieu Rochon - Mathieu Rochon: The witness heard odd noises outside his window. When he checked outside someone was carrying something large into the Tannery. He thought it was Citizen Gilbert, though it seems he was on vacation at the time.
  • Statement of tannery owner - Citizen Gilbert (owns the tannery): Citizen Gilbert claimed he was on vacation at the time of the murder and that the body had been in the leather chemicals for at least a few days. He also pointed out the wound on the chest must belong to a custom blade. Seems the local gangs use them to leave a mark on their victims.

Blacksmith ShopEdit

  • Statement of the blacksmith - Romain Trottier: The blacksmith admits the blade was made by him. It is a custom make for the gang Les Marcheurs Morts. The marking of the "x" stands for "x marks the spot." I have a feeling someone from outside the gang bought the blade from him.

Jewelry ShopEdit

  • Statement of the jewelry shop owner - Citizen Touchet: The jeweler recognizes the victim's ring as one of his own. It was made for Warden Leroux, who helps run the prison at La Salpêtrière. He also gave me his home address: 43 Rue de l'Arbalete.


  • Head on a pike - The head of Warden Leroux, placed on a pike. Whoever did this looks to be sending a message to the Deputy Warden.
  • Statement of Deputy Warden - Hugo Soulière (worked with the victim): The Deputy Warden seems to be in shock over the death of Warden Leroux. He came to work and found Leroux's head placed on a pike outside the crematorium at La Salpêtrière. At least there is now no doubt who the body is. Deputy said goodbye to Leroux the day before. Looks to be eager to pin it on Les Marcheurs Morts, the gang Leroux had run afoul with.


  • Statement of Danton Marotte - Danton Marotte (Leader of Les Marcheurs Morts): Danton was expecting me. He confirms Warden Leroux had debts with Les Marcheurs Morts. He claims he would not have done it because he was negotiating the release of some of his men with Leroux.
  • Statement of the barkeep - Olivier Rivett: Barkeep claims he knows nothing about Warden Leroux. Just that he serves beer and that the leader of Les Marcheurs Morts is upstairs.

Warden's HouseEdit

  • Letter from Warden Leroux - Letter from Warden Leroux to the Citizen General Security Officer: "Dear Sir, I must inform you of my desire to remove Hugo Soulière from his post as Deputy Warden. In the past months he has shown both an insubordinate attitude and a reckless disregard for the management of our prisoners. Under his watch in the last week we've had 2 attempted escapees and several altercations arise between prisoners. Please advise. Sincerely, Warden Leroux"
  • Letter - Letter from Julien to Mme. Camille. "My love, I must profess I still count the days till we can meet again. But with Monsieur Leroux' insatiable paranoia, I fear this day may never come. Each breath he takes tightens the chains that imprison our love." Eternally yours, Julien Lamond.
  • Statement of Genevieve Cerne - Genevieve Cerne (victim's neighbor): Neighbor says it was unusual for Leroux to be missing for two days. She claims that Leroux had run up some debts with the gang Les Marcheurs Morts. They can be found at the tavern, Le Creux: 27 Rue des postes.
  • Statement of Julien Lamond - Julien Lamond: Mme. Camille seems to have had a boyfriend on the side. He says he was at her home to console her. Does not seem disturbed by the situation or concerned about what people think of their arrangement.
  • Statement of Minette Rosier (victim's neighbor): This neighbor does not seem to have a lot of faith in the Warden's wife, Mme. Camille. Looks like her adulterous tendencies have made good gossip fodder around here.
  • Statement of Mme. Camille (victim's wife): She believes her husband had made many enemies due to his day job. He'd apparently been missing for two nights before she told the police. She was concerned they would blame her due to her infidelity. Highly suspicious.



  • Mathieu Rochon (A witness who lives near the tannery): A few days ago I heard some strange noises outside my window late in the night. When I looked outside I saw someone going into the tannery carrying something quite large. I just assumed it was Citizen Gilbert, working late as always, I had no clue he was vacationing and someone broke in, otherwise I'd have told someone.
  • Citizen Gilbert (Owns the tannery where the body was found): I finally get a vacation, only to find a headless corpse rotting in my tannery. That...thing's been sitting here at least a few days. But the wound on his chest, only a custom blade could do that. I've heard rumors those awful gangs love to leave their mark on their victims.

Blacksmith ShopEdit

  • Romain Trottier (The blacksmith that forged the custom blade found at the scene): If the blade left the mark of an "x", it's one of mine. I forge them custom for the gang Les Marcheurs Morts. It stands for "x marks the spot" or some such thing. A hooded fellow, much like yourself, purchased one of those blades a few days ago. Look, I can't be responsible for these once they're sold. Check the tavern, Le Creux, it's where Les Marcheurs Morts spend most of their time. I'll write down the address for you.

Jewelry ShopEdit

  • Citizen Touchet (Owns the jewelry shop): Ah! This ring! How could I not recognize my own masterpiece. Of course, it belongs to Warden Leroux. You must return this, I'm sure he'll be looking for it. You'll find him working at the prison at La Salpêtrière or home with his wife, Mme. Camille. I'll write down the address for you.


  • Hugo Soulière (The Deputy to Warden Leroux): The horror! The gall of these vermin! Look at what they've done! Poor Warden Leroux's head placed on a pike for all in the prison to see. Surely a message to me who must follow his brave tenure. I'd wished him a goodnight just yesterday. I'd heard rumors of his gambling debt with Les Marcheurs Morts, that wretched gang.


  • Olivier Rivett (The barkeep who runs Le Creux): Hey, I know nothing, say nothing. I just serve Les Marcheurs Morts their ale and carry about my business. You can take it up with their leader upstairs.
  • Danton Marotte (Leader of the gang Les Marcheurs Morts): I was expecting someone to come by and pin Leroux's death on us. Sure the warden had some debt. But we were negotiating the release of some of my men in return. Why would I toss away a deal like that? I'm not a fool.

Warden's HouseEdit

  • Genevieve Cern (Lives across the street from Warden Leroux and Mme. Camille): I knew something was wrong. Warden Leroux was always home late, but for him to vanish for two days made no sense. I heard he'd been mixed up with Les Marcheurs Morts, that horrible gang, but I honestly thought it was just rumors.
  • Julien Lamond (Mme. Camille's lover): Me? Well, I'm here to console Mme. Camille, that's all. Just a friend.
  • Minette Rosier (Next door neighbor to Warden Leroux and Mme. Camille): He deserved better than this. He had his faults, but he was a good man, not that his wife even cares. Such fake tears. Always running off with a new man!
  • Mme. Camille (Wife of Warden Leroux): My husband had many enemies. Running a prison made sure of that. I must admit, he'd been missing two nights before I could bring myself to tell the police. It's not secret that I wasn't... faithful. But I would never do such a horrible thing!




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