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The Death of Philibert Aspairt was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.



  • Bible - A well-worn Bible. It is covered in blood and stamped by a local convent, the Couvent des Filles de l'Enfant Jésus: 84 Rue de Seve.
  • Crate of Chartreuse - A crate filled with shattered bottles of Chartreuse and surrounded by dirt. It looks to have been buried for several years. The address of a local tavern is carved on the side. 5 Rue de Sève. Maybe the barkeep could point me to who the owner is.
  • Loose beads - A few scattered beads in the dirt. Look to be made of rosewood.
  • Old satchel - A first aid kit. The address to the local apothecary is stitched inside: 99 Avenue de Breteuil.
  • Set of keys - A set of keys hooked onto a key ring.
  • Worn shovel - A heavily-used shovel with a very dull blade. The shaft bears a maker's mark and is cracked down the middle. It has been reinforced with cloth. Someone has kept this shovel for a long time.

Apothecary StandEdit

  • Statement of the apothecary - Adrien Piet (victim's boss): Philibert assisted an apothecary named Adrien Piet a few days ago who sent him to a local merchant at 9 Avenue de Saxe. Piet does not seem happy with the late delivery.


  • Bottles of Chartreuse - The bottles are covered in a light film of dirt.
  • Stack of Bibles - A large stack of Bibles. The inset bears the same stamp as the Bible from the crime scene.
  • The blood of Christ - A glass containing dark, red liquid. According to the sister, it is the blood of Christ.
  • Statement of the nun - Sister Sorel (nun): Piercing eyes and little patience. She admits the Bible I found next to Philibert belongs to the Couvent des Filles de l'Enfant Jésus, though they give them out for free. She certainly does not like me asking about the Chartreuse.


  • Half buried coffin - A freshly built coffin. Philibert would easily fit inside.
  • Shovel - A brand new shovel. It has barely been used. A little odd, considering its owner is a gravedigger.
  • Small wooden cross - A wooden cross. Looks to be made of the same rosewood as the beads at the crime scene.
  • Worn Bible - Another stamped Bible. I am not surprised he is a man of faith.
  • Statement of the gravedigger - Noel Pommier (the gravedigger): Seems a little off. Claims he is missing some tools and that someone recently broke into the catacombs. Says he found a rosewood cross that matches the beads found next to Philibert. Strong chance the shovel is his.

Merchant StallEdit

  • New shovels - These shovels look brand new, unused. They bear the same maker's mark as the one found at the crime scene.
  • Supplies - A variety of tonics, tools, and supplies. A very well stocked merchant.
  • Statement of the merchant - Guillaume Pinard: It seems Philibert never reached the merchant. What is interesting is Pinard's curiosity for the Chartreuse I found in the catacombs. Seems the Carthusian monks make it and the Carthusian nuns of Couvent des Filles de l'Enfant Jésus are notorious for hiding it.


  • Bottles of Chartreuse - A few bottles of Chartreuse. They emit a faint green glow.
  • Bottles of wine and liquor - Various wines and spirits. Well stocked.
  • Statement of Antoine Danis - Antoine Danis: This drunk is pretty much useless. An expert at rambling.
  • Statement of Catherine Doyère - Catherine Doyère: She says Philibert bought a few rounds for everyone in the bar last night. Claims he was going on about his sister, even though she thought he was an orphan.
  • Statement of Navarre Cavery - Navarre Cavery: The lute player seems more concerned with playing for no one in particular than sharing information on Philibert.
  • Statement of the barkeep - Jérôme Tolbert (barkeep): Philibert was a drunk, and was cut off by the bartender last night. He is in plenty of debt and with no shortage of enemies. Philibert promised to pay the bartender off with Chartreuse to clear his tab. An odd method of payment.


Apothecary StandEdit

  • Adrien Piet (The local apothecary): Philibert? I sent him to retrieve supplies from the merchant days ago and he's not returned. You'd have to ask Philibert where the hell Philibert has gone. I'll write down the address, but first I'll take my keys back thank you very much.


  • Sister Sorel (A Carthusian Nun of the Couvent des Filles de l'Enfant Jésus): Yes that's one of our Bibles. We hand out so many of these to those in need of God's embrace. And that's the blood of Christ my son, do you feel his call? The Chartreuse... that's none of your business. Best you move along. Idle hands!


  • Noel Pommier (A gravedigger): This graveyard's been too busy for my liking. I've got missing tools, and someone even broke into the catacombs. Found a pretty rosewood cross down there though, I thought I'd give it to the convent.

Merchant StallEdit

  • Guillaume Pinard (A merchant): Philibert? I haven't seem him. But what do you have there? Chartreuse! Quite rare. You know the Carthusian monks are famous for making it, and the Carthusian nuns are just as famous for hiding it as well!


  • Antoine Danis (A frequent customer to the tavern): Philibert!!! I love that fool! Buy me a drink and I might remember! Maybe.
  • Catherine Doyère (A customer at the tavern): Yeah, Philibert was here, bought us a few rounds. Kept going on and on about his sister. I thought he was an orphan, but who knows.
  • Navarre Cavery (A musician and master Lute player): Can't say I talked to him. My music keeps me busy enough.
  • Jérôme Tolbert (A barkeep): Sure, Philibert was here last night; I had to cut the bastard off! That dumb drunk owes me plenty of coin. Promised he'd pay with enough Chartreuse to last me a year. I was dumb enough to believe him. Check with the regulars, they might know more.




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