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The Darkness was the name given to an Indian Assassin facility and headquarters in Amritsar, India, during the 19th century. A series of small, underground chambers beneath Amritsar's main Brotherhood meeting room, The Darkness served as a storage for documents and an armory.

By the mid-19th century, the Assassin Ajay acted as the facility's custodian.


In the middle of the 1800s, rumour spread that The Darkness was a plotting chamber and an interrogation room for captured enemies due to its crepuscular atmosphere and prison-like architecture. It was also said that a baby had been born in the dungeon.

In 1860, Jayadeep Mir, an Assassin who had failed a recent mission due to what was perceived as a display of dangerous incompetence, was imprisoned at The Darkness. Ajay became his jailor until the young man's planned execution. The Darkness custodians sent his mentor Ethan Frye, a British Assassin, a letter about the conflict. Ethan later arrived to interrogate his student.