The Colony's Good was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline infiltrated the governor's mansion and uncovered a Templar conspiracy.


Aveline overheard a conversation between Governor Jean-Jacques Blaise d'Abbadie and the Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer.

  • De Ferrer: With the Spanish under our spell, the Company Man will at last have the powers to fulfill our true purpose. And if you provide us the labor, we'll ensure the errors of Santo Domingo are not repeated here.
  • D'Abbadie: I will do all I can to smooth the hand-over of the colony. And your mission will have all the workers it needs – provided you make good on your promise. Labor is in tight supply as it is, and, I must remain in power as gouverneur. Were our arrangement ever detected...
  • De Ferrer: My, my, Governor. I fear the air of conspiracy has gone to your head. We'll make good on our promise, so long as your end of the bargain is kept.
  • D'Abbadie: Everything is under control. You can count on me.
  • De Ferrer: Bueno (Good). Then I shall away to indulge in your delightful soirée. Tonight I drink to the death of the Brotherhood!

Rafael left, after which Aveline entered the room, alerting the governor to her presence. Engaging him and his guards in combat, Aveline eventually overpowered and killed the governor with a musket.

  • D'Abbadie: Why?
  • Aveline: You would sacrifice the good of the colony to a Templar conspiracy, Gouverneur. I should ask you why.
  • D'Abbadie: The Order... is... the... future. The... the Templars will keep our colony... French.
  • Aveline: The Templars will keep the colony Templar. Why does de Ferrer want workers? Tell me his plans and redeem yourself.
  • D'Abbadie: I know nothing of his plans. I was to send him slaves and vagrants – the ones most likely to rise up against—
  • Aveline: Against those who would oppose oppression and claim the life that is owed them?

D'Abbadie succumbed to his wounds.

  • Aveline: Rest in peace, Gouverneur.

As Aveline exited the building, guards gathered in the courtyard.

  • Guard: Le Gouverneur est mort! Aux armes! Aux armes! (The Governor is dead! At arms! At arms!)

Aveline then escaped from the mansion.


Aveline discovered a Templar conspiracy and killed the governor d'Abbadie, though de Ferrer slipped away.