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The Auto-Da-Fé was an altered representation of one of Aguilar de Nerha's genetic memories.

Aguilar's Journal

We tracked Inquisitor Ramirez to an outpost, but were too late; he has gone into hiding. We have acquired intelligence that suggests he has something of great value in his possession.

We also learned that he ordered his most loyal executioner to burn a dozen innocents in the town square tomorrow morning. The Executioner must be stopped at all cost. Then we will make sure that Ramirez is stopped once and for all!


Upon reaching the Executioner in the torture room.

  • Executioner: Assassin filth, how nice of you to come visit my dungeon. Let me show you the hospitability of the Inquisition!

After defeating the Executioner

  • Executioner: *cough, cough* My death will change nothing; you are too late! Inquisitor Ramirez has already retrieved a powerful artifact from St. Rafael Abbey, and will deliver it to our master. Torquemada will use it to destroy your Brotherhood, and control all of Spain! Ah ha... ha...*gak, cough, arr...*