The Apothecary Twins was a virtual representation of one of Lydia Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through a glitch in the Helix Navigator.


Lydia met with Winston Churchill to receive information on one of the spies she was to hunt down.


  • Churchill: We believe one of the spies is posing as a nurse in the nearby facilities. She has been taking blood samples into odd-looking cubes and delivering them to an unknown accomplice. Perhaps you will be able to spot them during one of these illicit rendezvous. Good luck.

Lydia assassinated the nurse and her accomplice, following which Juno intercepted the simulation.

  • Juno: I once loathed the very sight of your kind. In the same way you recoil in the presence of an arachnid. Humans were created by we who came before, the Isu. We crafted you in our image, but deprived you of our true gifts. You were bred for hard labor, and in extreme cases, war. We built observatories to monitor you, devices to control you. We blessed you with resilience, but cursed you with ambition. And so you rebelled against us. I suppose we are to blame for the state of your species. Is it any wonder so many of these simulations revolve around violence?


Lydia assassinated the nurse and her accomplice.