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"You think they'll reward you in the end? The Grand Masters?...What a load of bollocks! That's what I thought at first, but the secrets they promised were always just around the next bed...never now, never here. Your life, lived in the shadows, at the level of whispers, what does it mean in the end if you have no people?"
―Gift talking to the Black Cross, 1927.[src]
ACT Thaddeus Gift

Grand Master Gift

Thaddeus Gift (unknown – February 1927) was the Grand Master of the British Rite of the Templar Order, and the father of Darius Gift. They were both members of the Gift family, an ancient family of British Templars active on the island since the 12th century, when the Knight Templars acted openly.

Thaddeus was killed by the Black Cross, Albert Bolden, in 1927 for stealing from his fellow Templars and using their contacts to embezzle money, tarnishing the reputation of the whole Order with his actions. Chased by the executor all around the city, Thaddeus reached a public telephone and tried to call his son one last time before he was caught by Bolden. After listing Thaddeus' crimes against the Order, Bolden slit his throat and removed his Templar ring finger before leaving his body on the street.


The posthumous revelation of Thaddeus' corruption tarnished his prestigious family's reputation, with only his son and the Templar Ferris attending his funeral. His death also revealed that his high living resulted in substantial debts with Darius losing his place in his university and becoming poor.

After their inquisitor killed Gift, The Nine sent Thaddeus' own son in China, to unknowingly deliver his father's finger to Chiang Kai-shek. In order to let the General know that a position of Grand Master was now free and thus to offer him to succeed Sun Yat-sen as the Grand Master of China, but also to show him the consequences of betrayal.



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