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Terra Nova
ACRG Terra Nova
Political information
Sovereign state


Ruling body

British Empire (1610–1907)
Newfoundland (1907–1949)
Canada (1949–current)

Other factions

British Army

Historical information
Date founded


Assassination targets

Samuel Smith

Terra Nova is a small community in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

During the mid-18th century, Terra Nova was the site of a small Templar encampment, with a watchtower near the coast, as well the entrance to a system of tunnels and spacious caverns. The presence of a native pillar, as well as a cave painting depicting the legend of the Sky Woman, suggested the caves had been inhabited by Iroquois tribes at some point.

In 1754, Samuel Smith, the Templar Order's treasurer, sought refuge at Terra Nova's camp, having been pursued by the Assassins, who wished to acquire the Precursor box in Smith's possession. Shay Cormac eventually caught up with the Templar and killed him, retrieving the box for the Brotherhood. Later, after his defection from the Assassins, Shay returned to Terra Nova and renovated a local hunting cabin.


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