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Tempio di Vespasiano

Temple of Vespasian

The Temple of Vespasian (Italian: Tempio di Vespasiano), is a temple in Rome located at the western end of the Roman Forum between the Temple of Concordia and the Temple of Saturn. It is dedicated to the deified Vespasian and his son, the deified Titus.



Construction was ordered by Titus and began in 79 after Vespasian's death and Titus's succession. Titus’ brother, Domitian, completed and dedicated the temple to Titus and Vespasian in approximately 87. Titus began construction and presumably finished the foundations, made of tufa concrete, and the core of the podium, made of white marble. Domitian, however, completed the interior work after Titus' death. The inner walls were in travertine, lined with marble imported at great expense from the eastern provinces.


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