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Arno: "It's... the weapon that killed your father."
Élise: "That's a Templar badge of office."
Élise de la Serre and Arno Dorian.[src]
ACU Templar Pin

One of Germain's Templar pins

The Templar pin was a bladed adornment worn by some French members of the Templar Order around the time of the French Revolution, that could be used as a weapon and replaced the function of Templar rings, signifying the membership in the Order. Typically, the pins featured the Cross of the Templars in its center with intricate designs surrounding the symbol, varying according to the blacksmith or the Templar owner.


During the French Revolution, the bladed pins were made by the silversmith and Templar François-Thomas Germain before his excommunication, after which they were only made for the members of his extremist faction. When his follower, Charles Gabriel Sivert, recruited the Roi des Thunes into his faction, Charles gave him a pin and addressed him as "brother". Later, the Roi used his pin to kill the Grand Master François de la Serre, plunging the bladed side into the man's neck and leaving him to bled to death.[1]

By 1927, the Templar agent acting as Black Cross, at the time used a Templar pin as his weapon of choice. His pin could be filled with various poison in the head, and the Black Cross was known to use at least two types: one that killed instantly and another that killed after one hour. Both of these poisons appear to have been stored within the same pin, to choose between them at will. By 2016, the pin ended up in the hands of Abstergo Industries, specifically Juhani Otso Berg, who asked Violet da Costa to pass the pin to one of the Black Cross's descendants, André Bolden. André would later give the pin back to Berg, convincing him to take up the Black Cross mantle.[2]



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