AC4 Templar Key

A Templar key

The Templar keys were a set of fives keys which together granted access to a vault in the manor on Great Inagua. The keys were entrusted to five Templars stationed in the Caribbean: Julien du Casse, Hilary Flint, Lucia Márquez, Kenneth Abraham and Jing Lang. After the pirate Edward Kenway delivered a map showing the locations of Caribbean Assassin bureaus to the Templars, the keyholders, excluding du Casse, were each assigned a bureau leader to execute.

When Edward assassinated du Casse and procured the first key, he discovered the vault it unlocked contained a desirable set of armor. Upon finding a map showing the locations and missions of the keyholders, he agreed on Mary Read's insistence to warn the targeted Assassins, provided it led him to the other four keys.