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"In hoc signo vinces (In this sign, conquer)."
―An Abstergo Industries executive, on the Templar's insignia, 2012.[src]

The Templar insignia

The Templar insignia, based on the mark of Cain, is the symbol of the Templar Order. It consists of a red cross pattée, because of which it is often called the Red Cross, or simply the Cross.


High Middle AgesEdit

During the High Middle Ages, the Knights Templars were a fully public order, and their soldiers wore the insignia freely on their uniforms.[1]


By the time of the Renaissance, in Italy, the Templars had gone into hiding and adopted more secretive tactics. As a result, their insignia was no longer displayed publicly, but was instead used only on relatively innocuous items, such as rings.[2]

American RevolutionEdit

During the American Revolution, the Templars remained a secretive organization, and as such the tradition of displaying their insignia on relatively small and inconspicuous items continued.[3]

Modern timesEdit

By the modern era, the Templars had largely removed themselves from the public eye completely; only certain members of Inner Sanctum of the Templar Order wore rings with the insignia displayed on them, even when amongst their brethren.[4]


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