Templar Ships was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward met with Opía Apito again set out to discover who orchestrated the Templars' movements in the area.


  • Edward: Opía! And how are "we" today?
  • Opía: Surprised. We did not think you would keep your word. Tell us... why do you expect to find your magic key here?
  • Edward: It holds an irresistible attraction to Templars, if that is who brought these ships.
  • Opía: We don't know what the Templars could want here. These people lead simple fishing lives.
  • Edward: Or perhaps not so simple. I'll go and have a mingle, see what "we" can find out.

Edward located one of the inhabitants, Alvin, and overheard a conversation.

  • Man: Your whole catch? You must have made a fortune.
  • Alvin: I did. But you know, this is exactly why they call me the King of Fishermen!
  • Man: Who calls you that?
  • Woman: Oh don't be jealous!
  • Man: Jealous? I'm not jealous!
  • Alvin: I'll show you the bill of sale if you like. Señorita Márquez's right-hand man Vargas signed it himself. She is using his home as her headquarters. I even met her there when I delivered the fish.
  • Woman: You see! Alvin is practivally nobility now!
  • Man: Ah! A noble fisherman. Indeed.

Edward stole Alvin's ledger.


Edward pickpocketed Alvin's ledger, and overheard several names in the process.