This article is about the hospital in Tyre. You may be looking for the hospital in Rhodes.
The Red Hospital

View of the hospital from the harbor

The Templar Hospital of Tyre was a medical facility that operated in the 12th century and came to double as a stronghold for the Knights Templar at the height of the Third Crusade.


Located near the harbor, the institution was shut down at some point prior to 1190. Around that year, the Crusaders reopened the complex under the command of the Templar doctor Roland Napule, in the process drastically bolstering the city's reinforcements. Though ostensibly a hospital, the facility was in fact employed for more nefarious purposes, particularly in light of the Templars' pursuit for the keys to the Temple of the Sand. People suspect to knowledge of these keys were detained at the hospital and subjected to brutal interrogations. While these operations were by no means publicized, the local civilians nevertheless whispered rumors of the horrors committed within its walls.

These rumors eventually reached the ears of the Assassins, who sent an agent to investigate. This agent failed to return, and the Assassins were unable to learn much of what went on inside the hospital.

A few months later, the Templars captured an elderly man that had visited the Temple of Sand. Certain that this man knew the whereabouts of a key to the Temple, Roland Napule began an interrogation in the detention room. Erstwhile, he sent two Hospitalier soldiers to patrol the sewers, wary that it was a potential route for intruders.

Unbeknownst to the Templars, the young Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad had arrived in Tyre, having been instructed by Fajera to seek the old man for aid in his quest for the Chalice. Guided by the Assassin Rafiq Hamid, Altaïr infiltrated the hospital through the very sewers that Roland had sought to secure.

Despite the hospital's stringent level of security, the Assassin navigated his way to the detention room without injury. Interrupting the interrogation, he killed Roland Napule and rescued the prisoner, who gave his key to the desert temple in gratitude.