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Altaïr: "You. I didn't quite catch your name."
Agent: "What was it I told you in Kyrenia? Was it... Barnabas?"
―Altaïr and Bouchart's agent exchange words over Alexander's corpse.[src]
ACB Bouchart's agent

The agent reveals himself

The unidentified Templar agent (unknown − 1193) employed by Armand Bouchart, Grand Master of the Templar Order, was Bouchart's best man and a covert agent that specialized in espionage and assassination.


His mission was to infiltrate and sabotage the Cypriot Resistance, which he achieved by killing Barnabas and impersonating him. Under this disguise, he misled Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, whom he manipulated to kill Jonas, a popular merchant in Kyrenia.

Later, he met Altaïr again and killed an important person that the Assassin had intended to interrogate. It was only after seeing the severed head of the real Barnabas that Altaïr confirmed that the man he met in Kyrenia was a Templar mercenary.

Finally, Armand Bouchart's agent killed Alexander, the leader of the resistance, and prepared a trap for Altaïr near the entrance to the Templar Archive. There, he revealed himself as the one posing as Barnabas, and professed his ability and intention to kill Altaïr in order to take the Apple of Eden. However, he was stabbed from behind by Maria Thorpe even before the fight had begun.

Personality and characteristicsEdit

Armand Bouchart's agent was a stealthy killer and talented spy who was able to escape from Altaïr on multiple occasions. He wore his Order uniform most of the time, and usually hid his face. Altaïr was uneasy of his casual and almost eager attitude towards death, as seen when he laughed at hearing of Jonas' death.


  • Armand Bouchart's agent was the only major enemy of Altaïr's that he didn't kill personally.



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