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Tariq al-Nasr (fl. 15th–16th century) was a Moorish Assassin who was recruited into the Spanish Brotherhood in the aftermath of the sack of Málaga, his home, during the Granada War.


Born during the Renaissance in Málaga to a poor Muslim family, Tariq al-Nasr was a Moorish pit fighter. To support his family, he worked as an enforcer-for-hire in the city's underworld. Not a violent or cruel man by nature, Tariq was known for his love of competition and sparring.[1]

In 1487,[2] when Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada drove the Christian forces of the Reconquista to sack the city of Málaga as part of the Granada War, all of Tariq's people were killed or enslaved to be sold to Spanish nobles. Unwilling to submit to slavery, Tariq escaped the city in fury at the Spanish atrocity.[1]

Tariq eventually met the Assassins and joined the Brotherhood through which he hoped he could bring justice and freedom to the Muslims of Spain.[1]

Personality and traits

Despite his prior profession as a pit fighter and gang enforcer, Tariq al-Nasr was neither a violent nor a cruel man by nature. He did enjoy sparring as a hobby nonetheless in part for his love of competition. A determined individual, he espoused the ideals of freedom and justice, especially in light of the oppression of Muslims at the hands of the Spanish, having witnessed it firsthand in the aftermath of the Siege of Málaga.[1]