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This article is about the character from Assassin's Creed. You may be looking for Tamir in Assassin's Creed: Altaïr's Chronicles.
"You think me some petty death-dealer, suckling at the breast of war? A strange target, don't you think? Why me, when so many others do the same?"
―Tamir on his death.[src]

Tamir (c. 1147 – 1191) was a member of the Templar Order, and a well-known black market merchant based in Damascus' Poor District during the Third Crusade.

He was the first target assigned to the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, in his pursuit of redemption, and the first major Templar killed in his quest.


Life as a black market merchantEdit

Altaïr: "You believe yourself different then?"
Tamir: "Oh but I am, for I serve a far nobler cause than mere profit. Just like my brothers."
―Tamir speaking with Altaïr of his motivations.[src]

A Muslim merchant, Tamir rose from obscurity as a minor supplier for the Saracen army to become the owner of the largest souk in Damascus. Specializing in the production of weapons and armor, he soon amassed a vast fortune selling not just to his own people, but their Crusader enemies as well. At its peak, his souk was said to be the Holy Land's largest underground market, selling everything from food to fuel.[1][2]

Cold and calculating, Tamir made the pursuit of profit his only concern. A true micro-manager at heart, he was frequently seen in public inspecting the workshops and stalls of fellow merchants, criticizing them mercilessly for the poor quality of their goods. He cared nothing for his workers and forced them to work day and night to fulfill his business contracts; those who failed were executed by his private guards. Even his occupation as a "death dealer" did not move his heart. In fact, he made no secret of his admiration for the killing effectiveness of his blades.[1][2]


"You will pay for this. You and all your kind."
―Tamir, moments before passing away.[src]

After having learned much about Tamir through his investigations, Altaïr moved into an ornate, sunken courtyard, ready to assassinate Tamir. Tamir arrived shortly afterwards, arguing with one of his merchants; the merchant claimed that he could not supply the large order that Tamir had demanded of him, stating that Tamir was asking for too much. Outraged at this excuse, Tamir pressed forward, spat in the merchant's face, and drew a knife.[1][2]

AC Tamir 1

Altaïr assassinating Tamir

Following this, Tamir began to mercilessly slice into the merchant, until a final stab sent the man sprawling into the fountain, his blood pooling into the water. Afterward, Tamir stopped one of his guards from removing the body, saying that it would serve as a lesson for others. He then set off to inspect the other merchant stands in the courtyard.[1][2]

The crowd dispersed, and Altaïr quietly moved behind Tamir and executed him with his Hidden Blade. During his last moments, Tamir claimed his motives to be far nobler than that of profit, stating that he had merely a part to play in his Brotherhood's plan. Soon after, Tamir perished and Altaïr was left to escape from the man's guards.[1][2]

Personality and characteristicsEdit

AC Tamir 3

Tamir arguing with his merchant

Tamir was a proud but cold-hearted taskmaster, who would not take "no" for an answer. He had high expectations, and was vicious in punishing those who could not meet them; an example being his brutal killing of the merchant who could not complete the weapons order for his Templar brethren.[1]

Unknown to the general population of Damascus, Tamir secretly worked with the Templars, and even at death's door, he insisted his cause was noble. He understood that he was merely a pawn, and warned Altaïr that the "others" would not take kindly to his assassination.[1]

Tamir wore an auburn brown turban with a tint of yellow around it, accompanied by loose pantaloons that were a lighter shade of brown, with dark golden inscriptions surrounding them. Additionally, Tamir often wore a long, rust-colored embroidered tunic, which hung almost up to his knees.[1]

From there, he also wore an orange leather belt with a darker yellow pair of shoes. He was of tall stature, and had a dark brown mustache.[1]


  • Tamir, תָּמִיר, is a Hebrew name meaning "stately, wealthy", and is related to the female name Tamar, תמר, which means "date, date palm, palm tree".
  • Tamir had his own personal bodyguards, who were dressed in crimson red and gold lined uniforms. He was one of five out of the nine to have personal bodyguards, the others being Talal, Abu'l Nuqoud, Majd Addin, and Jubair al Hakim.
  • In the non-canonical mobile version of Assassin's Creed, he is named "Tamir bin Musa" and dons full battle armor. Bin (بن) is a colloquialism of ibn meaning "son of", whereas Mūsā (موس) is an Arabic variant of the name Moses. Unlike the console version, he is the fifth target of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad and his assassination is set in 1190 in Masyaf. Despite canonically being the base of the Assassins, Masyaf is the location of a secret Templar base. He is killed when Altaïr acquires one of the bombs he created and throws it at him.



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