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Nikolai Orelov

As Uryannov brothers being the friends of Nikolai's and the Commies supported by the Assassin Order,does it sound too strange that the Order sent Nikolai to infiltrate the Bolshevik compound holding the Tsar family and steal some thing(maybe the shard of the Staff ) as described in this wiki for now?

Or otherwise,the Communists were already corrupted or influenced by the Templars in that period,before Stalin got in charge?Sleeplust (talk) 14:39, April 1, 2015 (UTC)

At that point, Nikolai already had the shard of the Staff, which he retrieved from Rasputin's buried body. The Encyclopedia and Initiates establish that Lenin and the early Soviet Union were strong allies of the Assassins, so no, if there's any Templar corruption among the communists at that point it would appear to be minimal. -- Master Sima Yi Clogs 14:50, April 1, 2015 (UTC)

As the story description told before the "Final Mission" part was added,once Nikolai had got the Shard,he appeared immediately joining Anna,with the Shard not handed over to the Order.Would the Order still trust a member like Nikolai with a final mission for him,without acquiring the Shard?Sneaking in the close ally's realm and steal a thing...quite awful or lacking reasons/motivations.

It seems more like the scene of infiltration in the palace of Nicolas II for the Staff in 1917.

Is that possible Ubi is now changing their vague conon for convenience to create new story and games?Sleeplust (talk) 15:33, April 2, 2015 (UTC)