Taking Care of Business was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline overheard a conversation between her father and Gérald Blanc concerning missing goods, and decided to investigate.


Aveline entered the warehouse.

  • Philippe: --second time this month! Customer relations are strained enough without shipments disappearing!
  • Gérald: Your er... frustration is understandable, Monsieur. In your position, I... I should demand a full investigation. Please, let me look into it. I... I will go talk to Monsieur de Saint Maxent at once.
  • Philippe: Most grateful, Monsieur Blanc. At least I know I can always rely on you.

Aveline then tailed Gérald Blanc to his meeting with Maxent.

  • Maxent: My boy, the cargo was stolen from this very ship. I have no more means of retrieving it than you do!
  • Gérald: Yes, Monsieur, that is indeed troubling. I er... well what would you suggest, then?
  • Maxent: I know this much: the devil had the gall to impersonate my dress, and my signature! Can you imagine?
  • Gérald: Non, Monsieur... Imagination has never been my er... strong suit. If it's not too much trouble, may I... uh, look at your books?
  • Maxent: My books? I'd interrogate the captain! If his crew takes bribes, I'd wager he's no less corruptible!

As Gérald returned to the warehouse, Aveline decided to investigate the matter herself. Bribing the guards, Aveline went aboard the ship and met the captain.

Taking Care of Business 4

Aveline charming Dominguez

  • Aveline: Are you the captain of this ship?
  • Dominguez: Si. (Yes.) Capitán Carlos Dominguez, at your service.
  • Aveline: May... May we speak in private, Capitán?
  • Dominguez: Who am I to refuse such a comely creature? Come.

Aveline guided the captain to his quarters.

  • Aveline: Would you be so kind as to tell me what happened with Monsieur de Saint Maxent's shipment?
  • Dominguez: Why would you want to know? Bah! Don't you worry, my little ángel. The cargo found its way to the intended recipient. Let me pour you a cup. I dare you to tell me this isn't the best Madeira wine that ever graced your heavenly lips!
  • Aveline: If... if you insist, Capitán.
  • Dominguez: I do! You will not find a better vintage in all of the New World.
  • Aveline: I am intrigued. Truly.

Aveline stole some documents and escaped the ship while the captain poured the drinks.

  • Aveline: They hid the goods in two warehouses.


Aveline procured documents that would allow her to locate the missing shipments.