Tainted Blood was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward, now supporting the Assassins, set out to assassinate Laureano de Torres y Ayala, his third and final target.


Edward met with Rhona Dinsmore in Havana.

  • Rhona: Ah... Captain Kenway. I'm assuming this is the friendliest face you've seen since dropping anchor?
  • Edward: Is Havana under curfew on my account?
  • Rhona: Hm, aye. Torres seems to think someone's coming after him.
  • Edward: He's not wrong...

Edward revealed the Crystal Skull.

  • Rhona: A manky looking thing. Is that what I think it is?
  • Edward: Aye. Watch. Through the blood of the governor, we can see through his eyes.

Edward inserted the vial containing Torres' blood into the Skull, which projected a location.

  • Rhona: That's... that's by the church.
  • Edward: Keep this safe. Just in case.
  • Rhona: I'll be at the bureau. Good luck.

Edward located his target near the church.

Tainted Blood 5

Edward tailing El Tiburón and his guards

  • Captain: (We have business with El Tiburón in the castillo. Mister Torres would like to speak with us personally.)
  • Soldier 1: (Torres himself? Quite an honour!)
  • Captain: (Keep your pants on, man. This is not a social call.)
  • Soldier 1: (Sir, excuse me but... why do we need to go there?)
  • Soldier 2: (Most of fleet has already been sent...)
  • Captain: (Are you questioning direct orders soldier?)
  • Soldier 2: (No sir, I'm not but...)
  • Captain: (Good.)

They passed by the gate guards near the church.

  • Captain: (Attention!)
  • Soldier 1: (Is the entire city on lockdown for those... those Assassins?)
  • Captain: (Hush! Rumours will break confidence faster than any bullet. Now shut up about Assassins!)
  • Soldier 2: (I've heard stories about them. I hope you're wrong.)
  • Captain: (You two back there... shut your mouths before I shut them for you!)
  • Soldier: (Sir, yes sir!)

They passed by a group of men fighting in the streets.

Tainted Blood 6

El Tiburón killing the sailors

  • Soldier: (Lower your weapon... you've got nowhere to go!)
  • Sailor 1: Yeah, right! So you can shoot us like you did the rest of our crew?
  • Sailor 2: Piss off!
  • Captain: (Oh God... what now?)
  • Sailor 1: Marcus! Oh Jaysus... you bleeding animal!
  • Captain: (Thank you master, those prisoners were...)

El Tiburón killed the sailors.

  • Captain: (Shut up! Ok... let's continue... you, follow us. And don't screw up this time. Make way!)

The men arrived at the Castillo de San Salvador de la Punta.

  • Captain: (Take your positions!
    Call if you see anything unusual.
    Good evening, soldier.
    Stay alert.)

Edward infiltrated the fort as well, and assassinated Torres' body double.

  • Edward: You're done, Torres. Christ!
Tainted Blood 9

Edward facing El Tiburón

El Tiburón attacked Edward from behind, after which the two engaged in a battle.

  • Edward: This again, eh?
    You're too skilled for swordplay.
    How about a little gunplay?
    No man's immune to pistol shot, I reckon.
    I can't score a hit like this.
    You're a canny one up close.
    Are you weak against bullets?

Eventually, Edward managed to overpower his opponent.

  • Edward: If you could speak, mate, it would gladden me to hear your side.

El Tiburón groaned unintelligibly and slumped back.

  • Edward: You humbled me once, and I took that hard lesson, and I bettered myself. Die knowing that for all of our conflict, you helped make a soldier out of a scoundrel.

El Tiburón died.

  • Edward: Leave this life for a lasting peace, down among the dead.
Tainted Blood 13

Edward returning to Rhona and Anne

Edward returned to the Assassin bureau.

  • Rhona: We got word Torres left the city. Who were you chasing?
  • Edward: That vial was labeled Torres, but held the blood of his second. Where's he gone?
  • Rhona: Left port this morning, heading west along the coast.
  • Edward: The Observatory.
  • Anne: Will we follow?
  • Edward: Send word to Ah Tabai. We've cornered our man.


Edward attempted to assassinate Torres, but found his victim to be a decoy. He killed El Tiburón and set out for the Observatory.