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Tahira (unknown – 38 BCE) was one of the first members of the Hidden Ones, the organization that would later transform into the Assassin Brotherhood.

An old acquaintance of the Hidden Ones' founder, the Medjay, Bayek, she served as a protector for the Egyptian wildlife around the Nile Delta before taking over the Hidden Ones' Bureau in the Sinai.


Protector of the wildlife

In 49 BCE, shortly after the departure of Bayek from Siwa in his quest of vengeance, Tahira left the village as well, inspired by his role as a Medjay to become a protector herself. Tahira became a protector to the wildlife in Egypt, especially in the Nile Delta. By 48 BCE, she made camp in a cave located in the Herakleion Nome.[2]

That year, Tahira dedicated her life to protecting a pair of crocodiles in the ruins of a shrine to Sobek, which had came under harassment from Roman hunters in the region. She later caught sight of Bayek's companion eagle, Senu, calling to her and leading the Medjay to her location. As they had a small talk about their personal lives, Tahira asked Bayek to follow her to the abandoned shrine of Sobek. Upon arriving at the ruins, Tahira discovered one of the crocodiles was missing, leading her to believe she had been captured and brought to a Roman camp in Natho. Bayek and Tahira attacked the camp, freeing the crocodile from her cage and escorting her back to the shrine.[2]

Joining the Hidden Ones

In 47 BCE, after Cleopatra's ascension as the sole-ruler of Egypt who allied herself with Julius Caesar, Tahira met with Aya and Bayek alongside Phoxidas, Pasherenptah and Phanos the Younger in Alexandria, where they expressed their disgust for Cleopatra's betrayal of the country.[3]

After the defeat of the Order of the Ancients in Egypt, Tahira demonstrated her commitment to Bayek by cutting off her ring finger so she could use her Hidden Blade. They subsequently raided a compound holding children. They sent the newly liberated children home, but one boy hesitated. Tahira asked Bayek if they should take him to their bureau, to which he insisted on handling it himself.[4]

By 38 BCE, Tahira had been placed in charge of overseering the Hidden Ones' Bureau in the Sinai. That year, the peninsula was in revolt against the Romans, led by the rebel leader Gamilat. On one occasion, Two Hidden Ones were caught up in a massacre, losing their lives in the process. Desperate to aid the rebellion, she sought Bayek for aid.[5] When Bayek arrived in Sinai, Tahira introduced him to Gamilat and the trio proposed to assassinate Ampelius, Ptahmose and Tacito, the three lieutenants of Gaius Julius Rufio, a Roman general who overseered the Sinai.[6]

Bayek later assisted Tahira with assassinating Tacito in his camp, and together, they helped to free the Nabatean rebels from Roman control, thus beginning a rebellion in the Sinai.[7]


ACO Tahira's death

Tahira's death.

When Bayek returned to the bureau, after assassinating both Ampelius and Ptahmose, to debrief with Tahira, they, alongside Kashta, were ambushed by Rufio's men who set fire to the bureau. While attempting to escape, the Hiddeon Ones were captured by the Romans, with both Tahira and Kashta being imprisoned in Fort Clostra while Bayek was to be crucified. Bayek however was saved by Amunet and infliltrated the fort to free Kashta and a heavily wounded Tahira. Regrouping to safety in the mountains, Tahira's wounds proved too grave to be treated and she ultimately succumbed to her injuries, not before telling Bayek not to let their creed fade.[1]



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