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Taharqa (died 48 BCE), also known as The Scarab, was a grand planner of Sais and a steward of Letopolis. He was also a member of the Order of the Ancients during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.

Whilst publicly dedicating himself to rebuilding the ancient city of Letopolis, Taharqa's family knew nothing of his clandestine activities; in fact, his father-in-law, Ghupa, unknowingly spied against him for Harkhuf, an agent of Apollodorus.


Encountering Bayek and death

"The Order of Ancients will remember me as the bringer of waters and a builder of cities."
―Taharqa's final words to Bayek of Siwa[src]
Shortly before Bayek came to Sais, Taharqa had Ghupa tortured and his tongue cut out after Ghupa discovered a handsome payment he had made to a local captain in exchange for his loyalty. A cunning deceiver, Taharqa was able to divert suspicion from himself by finding Ghupa and bringing him home after the soldiers who caught him left him for dead.[1]

In his quest for vengeance against the Order of the Ancients, Bayek was directed to Taharqa in Letopolis by the latter's wife and son in Sais. Still unaware of Taharqa's true nature, Bayek later visited him in Letopolis and asked for his aid in finding The Scarab. Before he could answer, Taharqa was alerted to a raid by bandits who often used the sandstorms that ravaged Letopolis as a cover to plunder the city, and promised Bayek answers in exchange for his aid. After managing to defend the city and slaying the bandits at their hideout, Taharqa invited Bayek to join him and his family for a meal, where they would discuss The Scarab. However, Taharqa drugged Bayek's drink, and he only realised Taharqa's true identity after noticing his smile and scarab-shaped ring just before passing out.[2]

Taharqa buried Bayek in the nearby desert up to his neck, intending to leave him for dead. After escaping with the help of his steed and Senu and recovering his possessions - which Taharqa had offered as payment to an ally of his, the commander at Fort Nikiou - from a military camp nearby, Bayek returned to Letopolis to exact vengeance, assassinating Taharqa from above as he prayed in the Temple of Horus.[2]