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This article is about the widely used weapons. You may be looking for the Pieces of Eden known as the Swords of Eden.

Swords and Maces were weapons used by military units, guards, and members of the Assassin Order to engage in open combat against armed opponents, and usually acted as primary weapons alongside a short blade or pistol. Swords could be either one or two-handed, though the latter was mostly classified as a heavy weapon.

Swords and maces both had a long reach, great power, and a quick attack rate, though not as much as long weapons, heavy weapons or short blades, respectively. As such, they could be seen as the most balanced weapons available.

Aside from attack, a sword or mace could also be used to block or counter an enemy, or break through their defense. They were also the only weapons that could be used from horseback.


Third Crusade

In the High Middle Ages, guards used no other melee weapon but swords, and the guards of Masyaf regularly practiced swordplay in the courtyard, stressing how important it was to wield a blade. Maces were uncommon at the time, and the sword was a mainstay in any arsenal, even for Archers.[1]

The sword became available to an Assassin upon reaching the second rank, with more powerful, better-quality swords being presented to him as he progressed. Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad started off with a dull-gray sword that lacked a guard, and had a curved hilt. His second sword resembled the first, though was of a more silvery make, and possessed a distinct pommel.[1]

His third sword was his personal sword. It possessed a hand guard that was shaped like an eagle's wings, and had an eagle head shape at the pommel.[1]

Altaïr's very last sword was the Syrian sword. It had a curved blade, a characteristic of Arabic swords, and indicated a very high status, as the hilt and sheath were covered in gold. Al Mualim, the Mentor of the Levantine Assassins, also used this sword.[1]

Altair sword evolution

The swords used by Altaïr: The common sword, his personal sword, and the Syrian sword.

15th century


Come the Renaissance, maces became equally as popular as the sword, and matched them in use and availability.[2] The first sword Ezio Auditore da Firenze obtained came from his father, and was stored in a chest hidden in the Palazzo Auditore. However, he quickly lost it when he was disarmed trying to save his father and brothers from execution.[2]

Ezio was later equipped with a similar sword, courtesy of his uncle, Mario Auditore, when he arrived at Monteriggioni.[2]

Following this, he could buy a variety of swords or maces from blacksmiths. Any unequipped weapons he purchased were stored at the Villa Auditore armory.[2]

16th century

Swords and maces continued to be a central part of combat in Rome. Ezio was more aggressive in his fights, and used a variety of new attacks against his enemies.[3]

Additionally, Ezio learned to dual-wield his Hidden Gun with his primary weapon, in order to kill an enemy from a distance, or perform an instant double kill with both his sword and gun during a kill-streak.[3]


Assassin's Creed II

Left Rack

Name Damage Speed Deflect Unlocked Cost
Common Sword 1 2 2 Sequence 3, Memory 3 N/A
Captain's Sword 2 4 3 Sequence 5, Memory 1 5,200 ƒ
Milanese Sword 3 5 3 Sequence 8, Memory 1 11,300 ƒ
Schiavona 4 5 4 Sequence 8, Memory 1 25,000 ƒ

Right Rack

Name Damage Speed Deflect Unlocked Cost
Sword of Altaïr 5 5 5

Sequence 9, Memory 1

45,000 ƒ
Old Syrian sword 1 2 3 Sequence 3, Memory 3 2,300 ƒ
Venetian Falchion 1 3 1 Sequence 3, Memory 3 1,900 ƒ
Florentine Falchion 2 3 4 Sequence 5, Memory 1 5,200 ƒ
Scimitar 3 3 5 Sequence 6, Memory 1 11,300 ƒ

Hammers Rack

Name Damage Speed Deflect Unlocked Cost
Mercenario War Hammer 1 1 3 Sequence 3, Memory 3 1,900 ƒ
Condottiero War Hammer 5 3 4 Obtained after collecting 50 feathers 30,600 ƒ
Maul 2 1 2 Sequence 4, Memory 1 3,600 ƒ
Flanged Mace 3 3 3 Sequence 6, Memory 1 10,500 ƒ
Cavalieri Mace 4 4 2 Sequence 7, Memory 1 20,800 ƒ

Special Weapons Rack

Name Damage Speed Deflect

Maria Thorpe's Longsword

2 3 3
Fredrick's Hammer 2 4 4
Mace Of The Bull 4 2 3
Twins' Rapier 2 5 3
Bouchart's Blade 2 5 5

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Name Damage Speed Deflect Cost
Captain's Sword 2 4 3 Obtained through Blacksmith Quest
Common Sword 1 2 2 Equipped by default
Florentine Falchion 4 5 5 Obtained through enemy guards
La Volpe's Bite 3 5 5 Obtained through completing Thieves Guild Challenges
Milanese Sword 4 4 2 15,700 ƒ
Old Syrian sword 3 4 1 8,800 ƒ
Roman Longsword 1 3 3 1,400 ƒ
Schiavona 4 2 2 10,400 ƒ
Scimitar 3 3 5 Obtained through enemy guards
Sicilian Rapier 1 4 3 2,600 ƒ
Sword of Altaïr 5 5


Obtained through completing Assassin Guild Challenges
Venetian Falchion 1 5 5 5,700 ƒ

Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Name Damage Speed Deflect Cost Availability
Assassin Yataghan Sword 1 2 1 - From the start
Prussian War Hammer 1 3 3 2,990 Akce Sequence 2
Persian Shamshir 1 4 3 3,163 Akce Sequence 2, Memory 3
Florentine Falchion 1 3 5 6,555 Akce Sequence 3
Merovingian Axe 1 5 5 7,326 Akce

Sequence 3, Memory 4

Mercenario Warhammer 2 1 1 7,360 Akce

Sequence 4

Condottiero Mace 2 2 2 10,120 Akce Sequence 4, Memory 4
Syrian Sabre 2 4 3 11,960 Akce Sequence 5
Sledgehammer 3 4 1 13,340 Akce Sequence 5, Memory 3
Sicilian Rapier 3 5 5 23,736 Akce Sequence 6
Janissary Kijil 4 2 2 28,290 Akce Sequence 6, Memory 4
Byzantine Arming Sword* 1 2 2 1,610 Akce Sequence 7
Byzantine Mace* 3 5 3 18,055 Akce Sequence 7
Ottoman Mace 4 4 2 -

Complete all Thieves Guild Challenges

Altaïr's Sword 5 3 4 -

Complete all Assassin's Guild Challenges

Yusuf's Turkish Kijil 5 5 5 -

Complete "The Deacon" Part 1

Vlad Tepes' Sword 4 4 4 -

Complete the Impaler's Prison

Captain's Sword 2 3 3 - Unlocked through Uplay
Milanese Sword 3 3 2 - Unlocked through Uplay
Schiavona 3 2 3 - Unlocked through Uplay

*Available only from Cappadocia vendors.


Assassin's Creed II

  • All weapons in the Special Weapons rack are obtained after synchronizing with the PSP upon completion of Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines.
  • In Assassin's Creed II, the Sword of Altaïr and the Condottiero War Hammer can only be purchased from the blacksmith shop in Monteriggioni.
  • Every purchasable weapon becomes available at Monteriggioni's Blacksmith after Sequence 11, apart from the Condottiero War Hammer, which is only unlocked after collecting 50 feathers.
  • In Assassin's Creed II, the Syrian Sword does less damage than the Sword of Altaïr, despite the Syrian Sword being the best sword in Assassin's Creed.
  • The first sword Ezio is equipped with in Assassin's Creed II is the common sword, however when he is disarmed by a Brute during the Auditore Execution, it becomes the Syrian Sword.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

  • The Captain, a multiplayer character from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, uses a shortsword that resembles a shorter version of the Milanese Sword.
  • For some reason, in Brotherhood, the Scimitar, Maul, Flanged Mace, Channeled Cinquedea, and Florentine Falchion appear as weapons, but are not purchasable. However, they can be acquired by disarming a guard while Ezio is equipped with an empty sheath.


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