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Sword of Adha

Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad wielding the sword

The Sword of Adha was a powerful sword gifted to the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad by his lover Adha.


The sword's most distinguishing feature was in the composition of its wide and double-edged blade. The core of the blade, running down the center, glowed an elegant, sapphire blue. This in turn was surrounded by an arc of silver steel that comprised the blade's edges and tip.

A single round sapphire jewel was embedded at the center of the gleaming, broad handguard. Overall, this weapon was suitable for both thrusting and slashing, and superior to all the previous swords that Altaïr wielded during his Quest for the Chalice.



Altaïr using this sword in his final duel against Basilisk.

In 1190, the sword was in the possession of Adha, the mysterious woman regarded as the Chalice sought after by the Crusaders and Assassins alike.

When the Templars captured her at Don Carvaggio's villa in Jerusalem, the sword was carried along with her while Altaïr stalked the group from the rooftops in the hopes of rescuing her. At the end of the pursuit where Altaïr routed all the knights that held her hostage, the two made their escape through the sewers. Upon reaching the exit, Adha presented Altaïr with the sword after he vowed to kill the Templar spy Harash and desert the Assassins for a normal life with her.

Altaïr used this new weapon to great effect in his assassination of Harash, and once more when he slaughtered scores of Crusaders in his race to rescue Adha from the clutches of Basilisk in Tyre. Although he slew the Templar leader in personal combat with this sword, he was unable to prevent the Crusaders from escaping on a ship with Adha a prisoner once more. When he at last caught up with them, he found he was too late to prevent the death of his lover.

The Assassin spent the rest of the year hunting down each of Adha's murderer one by one in a merciless quest for vengeance, one that would ultimately bring him no solace. By the next year, when he had returned to the life of the Assassins, he no longer used this sword for whatever reason, and it would eventually be replaced by weapons such as the Syrian sabre and his iconic Sword of Altaïr.