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Kingdom of Sweden
Flag of Sweden
Political information
Ruling body

Constitutional monarchy

Other factions


Historical information
Date founded

By the early 12th century (A unified Swedish kingdom established)
1263 (Norwegian Empire (Greatest indep. extent))
1397–1523 (Part of Kalmar Union)
1524 (Denmark-Norway)
4 November 1814 – August 1905 (Part of Swedish-Norwegian Union)

Sweden is a country in Northern Europe that borders Norway to the west and north and Finland to the east.

In 1738, the Swedish Assassins started using the Swedish Levant Company as a cover for their operations. The Swedish Assassins were approached by their Colonial brothers to construct the Aquila in 1748, but were unable to do so due to the increasing Templar activity in the shipyards of Stockholm.[1]

In 1818, Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte became King of Sweden under the title Charles XIV through his adoption by King Charles XIII of Sweden.[2]


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