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Supplying the Revolution was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline met with her smuggler friends Élise Lafleur and Roussillon, where she asked them for help in escorting the escaped slave, George.


After meeting up with George near the Smugglers' Hideout, Aveline went to speak with Élise and Roussillon, who were in the process of transporting goods.

  • Élise: Aveline! Who is this?
  • Aveline: George. A friend. We have a situation I'm hoping you'll help with.
  • Élise: Aveline, a friend of yours is a friend of ours, but uh we've got a situation of our own brewing.
  • Roussillon: Our Spanish friends want us to hand these supplies over to some, how-do-you-say, Patriotes... at the edge of the swamp.
  • George: Patriots?
  • Roussillon: Oui (Yes). You know... from the North. Rébellion, upheaval, etcetera...
  • Élise: A business opportunity, by any other name. But for some reason, the Spanish soldiers keep trying to steal the supplies back!
  • Aveline: This sounds awfully familiar. You don't think...
  • Roussillon: Oh, I try never to think.
  • Aveline: Suppose George and I were to help you with your "rogue Spanish soldier" problem, would your Patriot friends escort him north?
  • Élise: If they want more supplies, they'll accept.
  • Aveline: Good. Let's go.

They then set off on the raft, with Aveline taking care of the Spanish soldiers they encountered.

  • Élise: We're under attack!
    There's an outpost up ahead. Clear it before they see us.
    They're going to kill us!
    Just one last outpost up ahead.

The raft reached its destination.

Supplying the Revolution 3

Hopton meeting with Élise's group

  • Hopton: Ahoy!
  • Élise: Hoptón?
  • Hopton: Hopton.
  • Élise: Enchantée. (Charmed.)
  • Hopton: These are the goods?
  • Élise: Everything the gouverneur promised, and a few, euh, bonus items, from your friends in the bayou.
  • Hopton: Excellent. You weren't detected, I hope?
  • Aveline: Not by any who still breathes. Monsieur Hopton, how secret is your arrangement with our Spanish gouverneur?
  • Hopton: Any fool can see the Spanish want to keep the English out of their territory.
  • Aveline: Any sense why Spanish soldiers would be shooting at us?
  • Hopton: We did meet one man who didn't seem so keen on the arrangement. Contrary fellow. Vázquez, I think was his name.
  • Aveline: The Company Man is here!
  • Hopton: The What Man?

George then subtly reminded Aveline of their plan to escort him North.

  • Aveline: Er... Monsieur Hopton, if you want your supplies to make it out of la Louisiane (Louisiana), additional security would be wise. May I suggest George accompany you?
  • Hopton: Certainly. If he is willing to fight, the Patriot cause will be glad to have him.
  • George: I will fight for you, sir, over any cause.
  • Élise: Be careful, Monsieur Hopton, I hope to see you again. Euh, Monsieur Roussillon and I value your business.
  • Hopton: I will. The er... Patriots, value your support.


Aveline and the smugglers delivered supplies to the Patriots, despite Vázquez's guards attempting to stop them. Successful in having Hopton and his allies recruit George, Aveline then returned to New Orleans to hunt down Vázquez.