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Suger of Saint-Denis (c. 1081 – 13 January 1151) was a French clergyman, historian and statesman. As abbot of the royal Abbey of Saint-Denis, he was a friend and personal advisor of Louis VI and Louis VII. When the latter was away during the Second Crusade, Suger ruled France in his stead.

At some point, Suger found an Isu Temple beneath the Basilica of Saint-Denis, managed to enter it with the matching key, and discovered the Head of Saint Denis, a lantern containing an Apple of Eden. The abbot used the knowledge he had gained from the Apple to create the Eagle of Suger, a powerful sword; moreover, his architectural redesign of the Basilica, generally considered to be the first Gothic church, also came from visions induced by the artifact.

Eventually, Suger decided to hide the sword he had created, but left behind clues, allowing the Assassin Arno Dorian to later retrieve the Eagle of Suger from a secret chamber within the Basilica during the French Revolution.


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