Stolen Goods was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline met up with Élise Lafleur and Roussillon, ready to plunder the supply ship they had caused to run aground.


As Aveline approached Élise and Roussillon, she heard them banter.

  • Élise: Are you drunk already?
  • Roussillon: Were you not more fun when we met? I seem to remember...
  • Élise: Nothing, you remember nothing.
  • Roussillon: Right... because I'm so drunk.

Aveline approached the two smugglers.

  • Roussillon: Aveline! You've done it! The ship, she is stuck in the mud!
  • Aveline: Now you will reap your reward... and I will cut Vázquez down to size.
  • Roussillon: And then, we celebrate!
  • Élise: Aveline, I'll gather my men. We'll meet you at the ship.
  • Roussillon: And the plundering will begin!

Aveline met with the smugglers near the ship.

  • Aveline: Élise, are your men ready?
  • Roussillon: Ready? They can barely contain themselves!
  • Élise: Please, help me do something about those guards, before our men rush the ship and get shot full of holes.

Aveline and the smugglers went to collect the cargo, while defending themselves from Vázquez's guards.

  • Élise: Come and get it, boys!

Aveline and the smugglers took out the soldiers.

  • Élise: Why the limp, old man?
  • Roussillon: You mock me? I am dying!
  • Élise: It's only a scratch!
  • Roussillon: You'll regret this when I'm gone.
  • Élise: You weren't even hit on that side.
  • Roussillon: I'm taking you out of my will.
  • Élise: You want me to hit you on the other side? Even it out?
Stolen Goods 4

Roussillon giving Aveline the documents

The group finished collecting the ship's supplies.

  • Élise: Wow, Aveline, that was spectacular!
  • Aveline: I'm only sorry Vázquez wasn't on board.
  • Roussillon: Now, now... I wouldn't be too sorry just yet. Perhaps this will be of help?

Roussillon handed a set of documents over to Aveline, which had been retrieved from the cargo.

  • Aveline: Incredible, Roussillon! Thank you!
  • Roussillon: Incredible? That's what all the ladies say. But you are most welcome, all the same. If there is any other... "service" I might render-
  • Aveline: Thank you, but it's clear now what I must do. I must return to Chichen Itza, before it's too late.


Having procured documents along with the ship's supplies, Aveline discovered Vázquez's hopes to reclaim the work site at Chichen Itza. Fearing for her mother's safety, she returned to Mexico.


  • In the Vita iteration, the objective is to defend the smugglers from Vázquez's soldiers while they are traveling to the ship, where they can then acquire the ship's supplies. The HD remake restructured the mission so that the objective is to defend the smugglers from Vázquez's soldiers while they're carrying supplies to their own mode of transportation. As such, a large portion of the dialogue is absent in the HD remake.
  • Another change occured concerning the location where the mission starts. In the original Vita iteration Aveline meets up with the smugglers at their hideout, whereas in the HD remake, she instead joins them in San Danje.