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The Spear of Leonidas, also known as the Blade of Leonidas, was an Isu weapon wielded by the Spartan King Leonidas. Following his death, Leonidas' now broken spear was eventually passed on to his daughter, Myrrine and then to his granddaughter, Kassandra. The spear was said to possess otherworldly properties. While originally broken, Kassandra regularly took the Spear to Forge of Hephaistos so as to repair and enhance the Spear's aesthetic appearance, combat efficiency, structural durability and mystical power.


The first known human to wield the spear was Leonidas himself. He used it during the Greco-Persian Wars, and in the Battle of Thermopylae killed many Persians with it.


The Spear was able to bestow upon its wielder enhanced strength, as well as grant them access to a myriad of other supernatural abilities. It appears that the Spear can harness its wielder's adrenaline to produce supernatural effects, such as cloaking its user, regenerating health or harnessing some of the natural elements such as poison and fire. It can even briefly increase the wielder's speed and reflexes, charge arrows with explosive energy, produce shockwaves and augment arrows to be able to phase through walls.[1]



  • The Spear replaces the Hidden Blade used in the genetic memory portion.
  • This marks the first time an Isu artifact is used by the player throughout a main installment entry in the franchise.
  • When not being used in combat, the Spear is holstered on the player's quiver, while in combat it is dual-wielded as a dagger alongside a sword.
  • From a gameplay sense, the Spear takes reference from the Pieces of Eden encountered in past games. However, the impetus here was to let players wield an Isu artifact throughout the game rather than just at the end of it.[3]




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