AC4 Spanish Officer Pistols

Spanish Officer Pistols

The Spanish Officer Pistols were a set of firearms obtainable by Edward Kenway during the 18th century. They could be purchased from any general store in the Caribbean. They were popular throughout the Caribbean for their well-balanced nature.

The Master Assassin turned traitor, Duncan Walpole, carried a pair of these pistols when he was shipwrecked on Cape Bonavista with Kenway. He initially tried to shoot the pirate with one, but it failed due to wet gunpowder and was subsequently discarded. The other, however, remained functional and Walpole managed to land a non-fatal shot on Kenway which led to the angered pirate chasing and killing him.

Weapon statistics

Damage Stun Range Cost Availability
3 3 3 7,000 R Sequence 2